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Meeting, training and event rooms

Anders (17m2)

It's all in the name. Anders (meaning different) is different from the other spaces we provide.

A rustic touch
You'll find peace and quiet in room Anders (17m²). In Anders you'll find a beautifull wallpainting that has a waterlooking feel to it. The use of wooden element gives the room a natural atmosphere. It's a simpel and modest room where you'll feel at ease.

Available settings
Meeting 2 - 6


Boord (35m2)

Classy, comfortable and formal
Boord (42m²) is a classy, comfortable and formal meetingroom with a touch of our industrial history. The boardroom has a comfortable en luxurious feel to it with lots of privacy.

Extras and setting possibilities
The big designertable offers a permanent arrangement for a maximum of 8 people. The comfortable chairs will make the meeting a relaxed sit-down. It has it's own entrance once you've entered the portal that's in front of it that's fitted as an extra wardrobe, personal meetingroom or small coachingroom.

Available settings
Meeting 6 - 8


Cirkel (17m2)

Cirkel (17m²) is a perfect space for meetings or small coaching purposes.

Environment and facilities
As the name spoils (cirkel = circle) the table and chairs have a round shape. The industrial vibe that area Strijp-S comes with is emphasized by its use of light. The blue colours stand for concentration, motivation and tenacity to accomplish your goals. Cirkel is a quiet work-/ meetingspace with no distractions.

Available settings
Meeting 2 - 5


Dommel (50.41m2)

Clean and formal
Do you want to book a meetingroom that gives you and your colleagues a clear head? Than Dommel(50m²) is certainly suited for you.

What does the appearance of Dommel mean?
Sobriety, peace and quiet, a space where important decisions can be made. Dommel has a formal appeal that fits a thorough training or important meeting. Of course all media resources are available for this room.

Available settings
U-shape 10 - 18
Carre 10 - 22
Cabaret 10 - 24
Circle 10 - 18
Examination 999 - 999


Hoogte (35m2)

Robust, inspiring and formal
Hoogte, a unique meetingroom with a brainstormmachine to get to higher levels (hoogte). Typical steampunk elements stimulate the senses to give you new ideas. An ideal unique meetingroom for startups and projectteams.

Ambiance and decoration
Hoogte has a tough masculine appearance. Various art elements are placed on the walls, which you can use in your meeting for inspiration or to build conversations. The room is provided with robust tables and a variation of chairs. It even has a lounge sofa. The inspiration for Hoogte was the Serendipitymachine amongst other things.

Available settings
Block 6 - 12


Kaf & Koren (70m2)

Kaf & Koren is a room with an industrial feel to it (70m²). Very suitable for business meetings, events and coaching.

The colourpallet
The room is designed to stimulate mental brain activity, optimism and energy. Terms as logic, learning, study, intellect, wisdom and growth fit the colourscheme.

Great to combine with our theatre room 'Theater'
Across the hallway we have room 'Theater'. Kaf & Koren is often booked in combination with Theater; both rooms are excellent for presentations and brainstormsessions. All media purposes are optional for both rooms.

Available settings
U-shape 15 - 23
Carre 20 - 28
Circle 20 - 30
Cabaret 25 - 41
Theater 30 - 60


Koers (17m2)

Setting a direction
A good place for a small sit down, a business meeting or coaching session.

Formal, clear and cosy
The room is just as purple as room 'Thuis'. Een beautifull glass designertable, comfortabel chairs and soothing lights makes 'Koers' a pleasant room for your meeting.

Available settings
Meeting 2 - 6


Lava (98m2)

One of the most popular rooms we have
Lava is one of the mostly booked rooms we have. It's fun, open and light with lots of possibilities.
With his 85m� this room is suited for a maximum amount of 80 people in a theater setup.

Orange stands for creativity and dynamics
Lava is an atmospheric room, filled with energy and dynamics. A room such as Lava stimulates openness, friendship and social skills. Perfectly suited for teambuilding and meetings.

Lava lents itself for workshops and meetings up till 36 people because of the entrance to two subspaces. It might come in hand when you'd like to work in groups during your event or meeting. Lava also contains airconditioning and several media purposes.

Available settings
U-shape 18 - 25
Carre 16 - 32
Cabaret 20 - 50
Circle 20 - 30
Theater 30 - 80


Park (49m2)

For projects and startsups
Park (46m²) allows a lot of natural light. In combination with the interior, the robust wooden designtables and wooden elements gives you the feeling you're in a parc (Park).

Park is a room that's often booked for new startups and projectgroups. A big wall with magnetic boards, flip-overs and a beamer, makes working much easier.

Available settings
Carre 8 - 14


Rondom (17m2)

For coaching and a good conversation
The best meetings often take place at a round table. That has to do with the fact that everyone is equivalent once accrose from each other.

Warm setting
The warm colors give the space a pleasant environment. People who book Rondom are very drawn to the earthly appeal and cosiness in a small setting.

Available settings
Meeting 2 - 5


Saal (203.06m2)

For conferences and events
The conferenceroom Saal (200 m2) is often booked for events like for example, the start of a new schoolyear. In this room there is a maximum of 220 people and diverse setup possibilities. More than 220 people? Than 'Plein' is a good alternative.

Brainstorm your heart out
Saal is the perfect room for working in groups or brainstormsessions. You can book Saal in combination with other rooms for events up to 450 people.

Available settings
Theater 80 - 220
Cabaret 60 - 80


Stoelendans (49m2)

Back to the days
Stoelendans (50m²) is the most playfull and creative room Seats2meet Strijp-S has. Stoelendans brings you back to the days you where in highschool. The history of the Netherlands teaches us that all classrooms used to be painted green.

The symbolism of the colour green
Green stands for peace and quiet, balance and harmony. Growth and bloom. Symbolism you can use when you're developing a training or meeting. Besides the beamer the room also features an XL schoolbord.

Stoelendans has a front portal, which you can use as wardrobe or extra meetingroom.

Available settings
U-shape 10 - 18
Carre 10 - 22
Cabaret 10 - 32
Circle 12 - 24
Examination 999 - 999
Theater 15 - 35
Different 0 - 0


Theater (84m2)

Sit back and relax
Theater (70m²) has a permanent setup, so the chairs can not be moved. The room fits up to 47 people who will be able to sit in luxorious cinemaseats. More than 47 people? No problem, we can fit some extra chairs in the room

Why Theater
This room is more than perfect for presentations. Your audience can sit relaxed so they will be able to concentrate for a longer period of time. The room has great acoustics so you wont be needing any mics to be heard.

Good interaction with you audience
Your audience will be sitting near the speaker what makes it much easier to connect. The chairs make it easy to be comfortable, the room has a great beamer and connecting with extra soundsystems is easily done.

Combinate Theater with...
In combination with Kaf & Koren you'll be very flexible. Kaf & Koren is right across the hallway so it's very easy to alternate. For example: you could end your meeting with a movie, presentation or a TedTalk.

Available settings
Theater 12 - 50
Cabaret 15 - 41
Carre 15 - 24
Circle 15 - 30
U-shape 15 - 23


Thuis (17m2)

A informal coaching space
And that's just one example of this multi-purpose space. The domestic vibe is very pleasant when you're looking for a room where you can have a more personal conversation. Also, this room is often booked for a conferencecall.

The intimacy of Thuis (home)
The couches are soft and comfortable, and the soothing lights make the room even more cosy. 'Cause of the frosted windows a soft light enters the room.

Available settings
Sit-down 2 - 5


Verbeelding (50.41m2)

Verbeelding (50m²) is a room that appeals to the imagination. The walls contain inspiring lines that will take your meeting to the next level.

Symbolism behind the colour magenta
The symbolism of magenta in Verbeelding stimulates motivation, mediation, advice, energy, intuition and vigor. That leads to good leadership, change and discovering passion. That is one of the reasons why most female entrepreneurs book this room.

Available settings
U-shape 10 - 18
Carre 10 - 20
Circle 10 - 20
Cabaret 10 - 24
Theater 20 - 50


Verder (99m2)

Business meetings
Room Verder is great for business meetings, coaching and workshops.
In room Verder (99m²) you certainly experience the industrial history of Seats2meet Strijp-S. The size of Verder makes the room very popular for more bigger companies.

A pleasant room
Like the picture shows you, the room has a very pleasant amount of natural light. You'll see that the room is very quiet because of the location. It's the room at the end of our floor. Because of it's quietness it's perfect for meditationcourses. You can use every mediapurpose we have in Verder and has airco.

Available settings
U-shape 20 - 31
Carre 20 - 36
Cabaret 20 - 45
Theater 30 - 90
Circle 20 - 30
School 20 - 45


Vlag (35m2)

The flag 'Vlag' (36m²) and the historical map of Eindhoven adorn the room. Vlag offers you peace and quiet. The room is designed to provide you with the right amount of businesslike and has all the media means you need.

Vlag gives you energy
Not just on the streets but even in Vlag's room set-up the colour red is an energetic colouraccent. In a red room you warm up faster than in a blue room like 'Dommel'. Red is for energy and luck. Long story short; red leaves a spark in you.

Clear and bright state of mind
Besides red, white is the contrasting colour in this room that brings a clear and bright state.
Do you want to get to the core of your business, start setting goals or force a breakthrough? Than Vlag is the perfect room.

Available settings
U-shape 7 - 13
Carre 7 - 14
Circle 999 - 999