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Torenallee 24, Eindhoven, The Netherlands +31 040 7805039

Seats2meet Eindhoven Strijp-S
Hospitable and service with a smile :)
Good coffee and fresh food!
TV/Beamer and flipover in every room
5 minute walk from Strijp-S train Station

Seats2meet Strijp-S

Entrepreneurial, hospitable and authentic

An atmospheric venue where you will always walk out the door more enriched on both social and corporate level. From independent entrepreneurs to multinationals; everyone visits us for the social aspect of doing business.

Seats2meet Strijp-S is not a standard location. We’ve got you covered if you are looking for a laid back and well-organized meeting (and not to forget, 'Brabantse gezelligheid'). We are not satisfied until you are!

In 2010, our first location opened on an almost empty Strijp-S site. We had big dreams for Seats2meet Strijp-S: to facilitate a successful meeting and workplace for everyone who wants to make their business a success and strengthen mutual connections. Over ten years later, Strijp-S has developed into the creative hotspot of Eindhoven. As an entrepreneur from the very beginning, we have developed the experience, flexibility, commitment and professionalism that have made Seats2Meet indispensable as the meeting venue of Strijp-S.

Our team is always prepared to go that extra mile for you, to think along with you and to switch quickly when the moment demands it. Seats2Meet Strijp-S takes care of your meeting from A to Z. From technical support to a delicious lunch buffet freshly prepared by the kitchen team. We facilitate whatever your meeting needs in order to make a successful meeting even more successful. In this way we build pleasant, long-term relationships and strengthen mutual connections.



In addition to renting rooms for commercial use, part of our concept is focused on allowing serendipity to emerge. Another word for an encounter you were not looking for n the first place but which is very valuable. We do this by offering our workspaces free of charge:

  • Meeting concept: Around our coffee points you will continuously find entrepreneurial people who are open to contact.
  • Abundance: You can use our seats on the 'Plein' as a workplace which you 'pay for' with social capital. If you book a workplace, we ask you in return to share your knowledge with our network. By sharing your own knowledge, you meet others.
  • Unexpected encounters: Everything is focussed on creating serendipity; a beautiful  word for an encounter that you weren’t looking for, but is very valuable.
  • All good things come to those who make them happen: Maybe not right away, but definitely in the long run! And its form can vary. We call this asynchronous reciprocity.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to call or email us. We hope to see you soon!

T: 0407805039

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Torenallee 24
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 040 7805039

Meet & Connect Eindhoven BV
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