Social Capital Explained

At Seats2meet we use a unique businessmodel where social and monetary capital are in balance with each other. That makes our business durable. We work this way by offering the oppurtunity for coworkers to 'pay' with their willingess to share knowledge. There is also still 'monetary capital' at the locations, as booking a meetingroom is simply paid for in euros.

Through the way of working and 'paying' by means of knowledge, in other words social capital, coworkers are intrinsically involved in Seats2meet. They are happy to share our story. And as a result, they are our ambassadors. That saves costs and effort for sales and marketing! Other benefits derived from social capital? Powered by Seats2meet locations work like a magnet. Visitors know that there is a chance to share knowledge and meet new people. Social capital ensures that your business is alive and flourishes

Why do we do this?

Creating value based on abundance instead of on scarcity.

According to traditional economic principles, in our world there is always scarcity. And consumers always have to make choices, because of course 'you can only spend your money once'. When you take a good look around, you see 'abundance' instead of scarcity. In a one-kilometer traffic jam, on average 1.2 people per car are seated. So there are more empty seats in traffic jams than occupied ones. Another thing: offices, schools and universities are closed during the weekends. Thousands of square meters are empty. Sports fields are hardly used during the week, theatres are usually closed during the day. Hotel and office lobbies are empty almost all day. In short: an abundance of unused space. Knowledge is a special form of abundance. When I share my knowledge, I also retain it.

What exactly are the benefits of using social capital?

Joe Pine, co-author of The Experience Economy, describes social capital as follows:
Social capital is the attitude to be open to unexpected and valuable encounters and to share your knowledge and talents – truly is a form of capital, as valuable as money (if less tangible). The people who come to every Seats2meet location get it too, and give as well as they get. Social capital is the entry fee, the grease that oils the machine of serendipity, the connective mesh that enables and enhances the entire Seats2meet ecosphere. That ecosphere then generates money – old-fashioned monetary capital! – not least by greatly encouraging the booking of meeting rooms. Thus, social capital and monetary capital work together, strengthening each other in a unique and prosperous way.
Where did this lead to at Seats2meet?
  • The publication of over 100 books
  • New, successful companies
  • Innovative schools
  • Partnerships between start-ups and large corporates
  • Co-creation spaces such as Permanent Future Lab
  • Hundreds of apps and games
  • Thousands of assignments and hundreds of jobs
Social Capital
Social capital thus ensures the growth of activities, which in turn ensures additional use of the Seats2meet meeting rooms, which are paid for with money. That completes our business model!


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