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Meeting, training and event rooms

001. Platform 1 (225m2)

De third space becomes reality in this 3.0 meetingspace. This meetingspace facilitates events or big meetings. With its beamers and other multi media possibilities, it's the ideal meetingspace for sharing and exchanging knowledge.

Would you like to organise a big event? You can contact us at for a personal offer. We are also happy to help you with the organisation or buzz around your event!

Available settings
U-shape 25 - 37
Carre 25 - 42
Circle 30 - 60
Cabaret 30 - 85
Creative setting 40 - 100
Theater 50 - 200


01. Inspiration & Creation (49m2)

Let this meetingspace inspire you to create new things. You can choose for a relaxt brainstorm on the sofa, or an more active meeting at the table. Whatever suits you best!

Available settings
Meeting 5 - 8
Creative setting 5 - 16
Circle 5 - 14


02. Outside - Inside (35m2)

A stimulating work environment is an important success factor for creativity and innovation. It can inspire and it helps to create even better ideas. By using special techniques and a clear phasing, the creation of good ideas and/or solutions can be stimulated. Think out of the box by looking outside to find the lines of your own solutions in space.

Available settings
Carre 6 - 18
Cabaret 9 - 21
U-shape 7 - 16
Theater 20 - 32
Circle 6 - 15


03. Classic With A Wink (56m2)

Classic with a wink; chandeliers and warm colored walls, but also wireless internet and a beamer. In this meetingroom are multiple settings possible, so we can provide a meetinspace completely according to your wishes.

Available settings
Carre 6 - 24
Circle 6 - 30
U-shape 6 - 22
Cabaret 9 - 26
Theater 20 - 50


04. Back To Nature (70m2)

In this meetingspace you go back to nature as if you are having your meeting in the forest! A peacefull, natural atmosphere will give you the perfect setting for your meeting.

Available settings
U-shape 8 - 25
Carre 8 - 30
Cabaret 9 - 31
Circle 10 - 30
Theater 20 - 60


05. The Dom Suite (16m2)

Surrender to this luxury setting in The Dom Suite and enjoy the view of the cathedral. What else do you need?

Available settings
Sit-down 2 - 4


06. Greenhouse (42m2)

This meetingspace is the greenhouse for your ideas. A breeding ground for inspiration.
Every setting is possible, whatever suits you best!

Available settings
U-shape 4 - 19
Carre 4 - 24
Circle 6 - 20
Cabaret 9 - 21
Theater 10 - 40


07. The Beach (60m2)

To the beach and yet a succesful meeting? It's possible in this meetingspace! You won't have the distraction of a real beach, but the atmosphere will bring just the refreshing breeze your need. Don't forget to bring sunscreen!

Available settings
Meeting 6 - 16


08. Some Like It Hot (60m2)

We have one word for you: RED. Marilyn Monroe and James Dean welcome you to the 60ies!

The perfect setting for a heated discussion or a very creative meeting, that's the question. But one thing is sertain: you will be seated in comfortable chairs!

Available settings
Meeting 6 - 16


09. The Meeting (70m2)

Perfect for your traditional meeting.
Almost every setting is possible; cabaret, square, theater or a circle, you name it!

Available settings
Cabaret 9 - 41
Carre 10 - 30
Circle 10 - 40
U-shape 10 - 25
Theater 20 - 60


10. The GabyGaby lounge (30m2)

Out of the box and innovative, just like the art of the Dutch artist Gaby Gaby. Inspiring an stimulating in a way you least expect it. Business or brainstorm, everything is possible in the Gaby Gaby meetingspace.


Available settings
Meeting 5 - 12


11. Naked Tracks (12.25m2)

Discover your naked tracks in this meetingspace. Coaching or brainstorming, just take a seat in this luxurious meetingspace and walk the unexpected road!

Available settings
Sit-down 2 - 4


12. Naranja (49m2)

The orange walls let the sun shine in this meetingspace. Every meeting becomes a joy! Which setting would you like?  Just let us know, we will take care of it as this is a flexible meetingspace.

Available settings
U-shape 8 - 19
Carre 8 - 30
Cabaret 9 - 31
Circle 10 - 30
Theater 10 - 50


14. Blue ocean strategy (20m2)

The cornerstone of Blue Ocean Strategy is 'Value Innovation'. A blue ocean is created when a company achieves value innovation that creates value simultaneously for both the buyer and the company. Let the ocian inspire you and have a refreshing meeting!

Available settings
Meeting 3 - 8


15. The Loft (48m2)

We had a design contest for our 'mesh', and the winning concept is a 50s / 60s Loft, designed by Marcella Vermeer. She is a designer from "De interieurtipgever".

You can have a traditional meeting in this meetingspace as well as the possibility to have a short break-out or to prepare your meeting at the relaxing couch.

Available settings
Creative setting 4 - 16
Meeting 4 - 10


16. The living (48m2)

You can feel and touch the vision bihind the concept of in the Living. Books and other objects that lead to the concept are available on the book shelves.

On the couch or at the table, just grab yourself an espresso and feel at home in our living.
Let this meetingspace inspire you!

Available settings
Creative setting 4 - 14
Circle 5 - 14
Meeting 4 - 8


17. The Art of Work (35m2)

Work becomes an art if you can inspire each other and create new things. You can inspire eachother best in an informal environment. Relaxed on the couch!

Available settings
Creative setting 2 - 12
Meeting 2 - 6


18. Ecosystem (105m2)

Gray changes to green. The room is a beautiful 4-seasons meetingspace with a rural ambiance. Suitable for all kinds of meetings because of the flexible decor. Just tell us about your wishes!

Would you like to organise a big event? Send us an email to and we create a special proposal for you. We will also be glad to help you organise or with the online buzz!

Available settings
Carre 20 - 42
U-shape 20 - 37
Circle 20 - 50
Cabaret 20 - 51
Theater 40 - 100


19. The Connection (30m2)

Feel connected in this meetingspace! It will encourage an active and informal meeing. High chairs and a high table create an open and inspiring atmosphere. This meetingspace is also suitable for standing up, to be even more active! 

Available settings
Carre 2 - 12


22. Stories (24m2)

Tell me more…!

When you tell a story, you spark a connection. ‘Stories’ invites you to start connecting. To start sharing. From up close and personal tales to bedazzling business stories. Together you’ll connect the dots. So tell us: what’s your story?

Available settings
Meeting 2 - 6


Serendipity (19.25m2)

Your entrance is immediately your space: Serendipity. This is what Seats2meet stands for: stimulate the unexpected relevant connection. You can meet at a large table in this glass room. The light falls from all different sites. This room is located next to the reception, giving you immediate help when you have questions. Please note: it can be noisy in this room. Take this into account when choosing your Meetingspace.

Available settings
Meeting 3 - 8


The Stage (27m2)

The Stage in the heart of the location. A private space that connects with all the workspaces. Meet in comfortable chairs at a nice spacious table. Because of the glass wall the light is filling this space which stimulates creativity and serendipity.

Available settings
Meeting 6 - 12