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Avenida Marechal Câmara, 160, sala 404, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil +55 21 2532 6423

MJV Tecnologia e Inovação
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MJV is a global service design innovation consultancy, that offers business transformation and digital services in Europe, North America and Latin America. We have over 300 employees located in London, Atlanta, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Our core areas of expertise include Design Thinking, Digital Transformation, Gamification and Disruptive Technologies. Our mission is to support businesses and move them forward into the transformation journey using innovative strategies and disruptive technologies as tools. Our clients include large companies in the most diverse business segments. Among our best projects we highlight 'humanizing' the customer experience for a large insurance company, fostering an innovation culture in financial services and retail, Gamification for change management during the implementation of ERP SAP, and an interactive digital platform for motivating call center agents as well as improving the quality of their service. In addition, MJV has solid experience developing custom digital solutions for mobile apps, web platforms, CRM, Big Data and Business Intelligence services. We have highly skilled consultants who are ready to help your company reach high performance business levels.

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Avenida Marechal Câmara, 160, sala 404
Rio de Janeiro

Phone: +55 21 2532 6423
E-mail: benjamin.minguez@mjv.com.br

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