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Veerhuis te Varik - S4S bij Tiel
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Veerhuis Varik
Our business model is a servicemodel.
The Ferry House and our service is your inspiring meeting. Great things are invented here by customers or small things that are put down big. The Ferry House is praised as an inspiring location to many aha moments; supported by modern means.
Often a group meets in the Chamber Waal and lunch in the Conservatory. Or use it as a break-out spot. Event space for up to 40 people. A company presentation up to 80 people if we involve the reception Both the Conservatory and the Chamber Waal have a beautiful view over the wide Waal.

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Waal Room - with panoramic views Waal.
Suitable for courses, workshops, meditation etc.
Surface 10-6 meters for about 10 to 30 people.

Greenhouse - covered sitting on the embankment
Overlooking the Waal. To be used for consultation, presentation, meditation, etc.
Surface: ground portion 3.5 to 7.5 m upper 5,5 - 8 meters. For 20 to 40 people - depending on arrangement

Reception - also Village Trade Center
To be used as a breakout room. Village Trade Center; the first in the world. There are products out of the village and therefore we stimulate the local economy in the village. New economy in practice. Surface: 7-10 meters for 20 to 25 people.

Inspiration from the environment
The area is an ideal source of inspiration to come up with new ideas. The view over the River Waal is inspiring to view new opportunities. The stroll through the floodplain is like strolling through new plans. With the ferry you go (in the summer) to the other side for new insights. The Veerhuis is a "place to be". It takes a little longer to get there, but then you unwind; a big profit in these hectic times.

The Ferry House was once a bar and restaurant until the end of the last century Pieter Kooistra lived there. He was the creator and founder of the Art Library in the Netherlands and lived here since 1974. The balcony of the Veerhuis the last years of the last century, the painter fixed place of the famous artist Willem den Ouden. Peter turned the last 20 years of his life to develop a new economic philosophy; a global basic income and wrote the book "The ideal self-interest." Peter said: "Be realistic - do the impossible" ..

The Ferry House is the home of the Club of Budapest daily. With its (inter) national network is a source of knowledge and experience we desired, before you can deploy.

Accessibility and parking.
By car, it is easily accessible from the A15 and A2 and parking on the other side of the dike where more than enough space. It runs daily every hour a bus station Tiel and Zaltbommel vice versa, which stops at the Ferry House.

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Waalbandijk 8
The Netherlands

Phone: 0344605641

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