Meeting, training and event rooms



The Getuigenkamer has seen many shaking sailors, awaiting a visit to the disciplinary tribunal where they would rule over our naval issues. This is a beautiful, light and high room with a characteristic ceiling and incredible view on Central Station. Our Getuigenkamer is an ideal room for trainings or a meeting with a larger group. 

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Meeting 3 - 14
Circle 4 - 14
Diner 4 - 14
Lunch 4 - 14
Theater 4 - 24
Carre 10 - 16



This room is a true showpiece! Organise your meeting in the room where the disciplinary tribunal would rule over our naval issues. In this historical room you can find authentical Berlage furniture and an original carpet dated from 1903. The Raadszaal has a capacity of 50 people in theatre style. Because of the monumental value of this room it is not allowed to eat or drink here.

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U-shape 4 - 16
Meeting 4 - 16
Carre 4 - 20
Cabaret 10 - 30
Circle 10 - 30
Theater 10 - 60


Kleine secretariaat

This room used to be the room of the secretary of the Naval Disciplinary Tribunal, which had it's seat in this part of Berlage's monumental Exchange for decades. The Kleine Secretariaat is a beautiful, high and light room with windows on the side of the Beursstraat. This room is very suitable for a coaching conversation or a private training. 

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Meeting 1 - 6



This meetig room is places directly next to the Artistfoyer, the place where a diverse network of work-nomads comes to collaborate. Need some knowledge or insights on the go? It's a matter of opening your door and asking around! The Portiersloge is the former library of the Dutch Philarmonic Orchestra. This is an ideal room for a training or meeting with a smaller group. 

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Meeting 2 - 12



This room, situated on the ground floor, lies directly next to the former Artistlounge of the Dutch Philarmonic Orchestra. A beautiful old meetingspace with high windows, at the heart of the Beurs van Berlage with a view of Central Station. Ideal for meetings where privacy is a must!

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U-shape 2 - 8
Meeting 2 - 10
Circle 2 - 16
Theater 2 - 20



A small meeting space, next to our coworking lounge. This way you are in your own space, right next to the buzz. You'll find coffee and tea in the lounge, where you may also join our coworkers lunch.

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Meeting 1 - 5



This room was used by the directors of the stock exchange as their reading-room, right next to the library. This bright and long room is suitable for many different settings. Because of the many windowns the Leeskamer has, there is a beautiful natural daylight. 

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U-shape 8 - 26
Meeting 8 - 28
Carre 10 - 24
Cabaret 10 - 40
Circle 10 - 40
Diner 10 - 40
Theater 20 - 70