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Meeting, training and event rooms

Aandacht (19.25m2)

In this room we can accommodate 4 people at one long table.

Available settings
Meeting 1 - 3


Energiek (54 m2) (53.76m2)

A room with a sporty touch. Do you look through the climbing rope above the ceiling or would you rather tap the punching bag? Of course, this room is also suitable for meetings. The room can be set up in several settings.

Available settings
Examination 6 - 11


Gesprek (47.9m2)

Conversation is suitable for meetings with 20 people, but also circular setup is well possible in this room. A nice spacious bright room where you can move the tables.

Available settings
Examination 6 - 10


Kennis (24m2)

  Meeting room overlooking the open lounge and St. John's and can accommodate up to 10 people in meeting. Other setups in consultation possible.

Available settings
Meeting 3 - 4


Reiziger (42.21m2)

The Traveller hall is located on the west side of the building and can accommodate 12-20 people in meeting setup. An ideal training area where you can easily shift the tables. On the wall is a large projection of a world map, which takes you into your traveler's dreams.

Available settings
Carre 5 - 8
U-shape 5 - 8
Examination 5 - 8


Station (contact us for dedicated proposal) (159.5m2)

Station is the largest hall of Den Bosch. The room can accommodate up to 130 people in theatre form, but is also ideal for creative sessions. In u-shape or carre we can lose around 35 people. The room can be equipped with a projector and screen, sound system, whiteboard and/or flipover.

Available settings
Theater 14 - 28
Cabaret 14 - 28
Examination 14 - 28


Synchroon (29.05m2)

Meeting room on the west side of the building and can accommodate 12 people in meeting.

Available settings
Meeting 4 - 6


Verwondering (21m2)

 The Wonder is a cosy meeting room that offers many possibilities for meetings up to 8 people. 

Step into "Another Hole to the universe".....

Available settings
Meeting 1 - 4


Vrijheid (38.5m2)

Freedom is located on the west side of the building and can accommodate 14 people in meeting. 

On the ceiling, dozens of origami cranes fly towards Freedom.

Available settings
U-shape 5 - 7
Carre 5 - 8