Van der madeweg 5, Amsterdam, The Netherlands +31620009030

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RD Made is a luxurious loft with multiple creative facilities!

We have 3 spaces available: 1. The co-working and event loft, 2. Music studio and 3. atelier + photo studio. The loft area consists of a dining area, a lounge with fire place, work desks and a 150m2 roof terrace with Jacuzzi.

For events you can make your calculations, brainstorm sessions, trainings/workshops, BBQs and drinks, team outings, live entertainment (e.g. smaller concerts), movie nights and private dining come to life.

RD MADE is located in a quiet spot in Amsterdam - Duivendrecht. 2 minutes from the A10 and opposite the Van der Madeweg - Amsterdam metro station.

Address information

Van der madeweg 5
The Netherlands

Phone: +31620009030
E-mail: robert@rdmade.com

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