Hogelandplein 1a, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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TakiTaki is a coffee house with a tropical touch, where you can work and enjoy various sustainable delicacies.  

TakiTaki is located in the cozy area of the Rai at Hogelandplein 1a , located 2 minutes from the highway.

At our location you can work and network with other flexworkers. With the help of our good internet connection we ensure that you can work safely.  

We also offer Workshops with a tropical touch.  

In our coffee house TakiTaki flexworkers and companies are connected with each other. We offer various workshops. Discover the power of group facilitation and make big challenges small with the help of our workshops.



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Hogelandplein 1a
The Netherlands

E-mail: info@takitakishop.nl

Concept Innovation

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