Coalition Space Jersey City

95 Christopher Columbus Drive, New Jersey , United States

Coalition Space Jersey City
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There's something so wonderful about creating new connections! Coalition Space strives to build co-working relationships that last! It feels great to be surrounded by talented, focused, freethinking individuals who sincerely want you to succeed in whatever it is you are doing. This office is located in the heart of Downtown Jersey City, a thriving home for your business. Coalition Spaces Jersey City location is ideal for teams of all sizes, with an array of private offices, collaborative workspaces and modern conference rooms. Located only a few blocks away from some of the best restaurants, stores, and museums, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.  95 Columbus Drive stands near the Grove Street Station, with direct access to the PATH trains outside the front door. If you’re looking for an energizing work environment just 15 minutes from Manhattan join Coalition Space today! 

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95 Christopher Columbus Drive

New Jersey
United States


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