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Welcome at Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

7.5000 4 1 10 7.5 (4 Reviews)

Fast WiFi connection

Our WiFi network is optimized to handle large volumes of data and connections.

Outstanding gourmet facilities

Our guests can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or beverage in our café or restaurant.

Regional products

Our food is prepared with specially selected food from the region with special attention for quality

Diner and a show afterwards

After a long day of work you can have dinner in our in-house restaurant and visit a show.

Open this week:

Mon 10:00  -  17:30
Tue 10:00  -  17:30
Wed 10:00  -  17:30
Thu 10:00  -  17:30
Fri 10:00  -  17:30
Sat 10:00  -  17:30
Sun Closed

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Lucasbolwerk 24
3512EJ Utrecht


More information about Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

Mevr. Dudok is the living room of Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. This is thé place to meet other new and interesting people. A place to start the day with fresh coffee, a browny and use the WiFi. Or a place to sit down and take it easy with a cup of tea while gaining strength to face the challenges of today. It is also an ideal spot for networking with new people and have a healthy lunch between individual professionals or businesses to meet up and exchange ideas. 
The possibilities are endless, wether you would like to work on your own and use our workspaces or make use of our boardrooms to meet up with people to have a closed meeting. Stadsschouwburg Utrecht also has possibilities regarding having a drink, dinner or even host a congress or a party. Stadsschouwburg Utrecht has endless possibilities due to it's building being a national monument with a sleek design by architect Dudok, technical facilities from the next level and high-quality gourmet facilities.

We welcome you to the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.


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Stadsschouwburg Utrecht is located on the outer ring of the city centre and is part of the 'Zocherplantsoen' which dates back to the 19th century.

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Lucasbolwerk 24, 3512 EJ Utrecht

The city centre of Utrecht tries its best to focus on pedestrians and cyclists. This means you will not be able to reach the Stadsschouwburg by car. Also take into account that the city continuously changes the traffic situation and is constantly working on the roads. You can however park your car in one of the nearby parking spots (more details below).

• This website shows the most recent road work and an updated route to Lucasbolwerk (streetname of Stadsschouwburg).

Public transport
The public transport system is the most effective way of getting around and is the fastest way to reach the Stadsschouwburg.

From Utrecht Central Station you have the option to take the following bus lines:
- line 7 (multiple destinations, take Voordorp)
- line 8 (multiple destinations, take Wilhelminapark)
- line 18 (destination De Uithof P+R)
- line 28 (destination De Uithof P+R)
- mutiple regional buslines; lines 50, 51, 52, 53, 55, 74, 77
Take the bus to busstop 'Stadsschouwburg'. The traveling time from Central Station to Stadsschouwburg Utrecht is about 10 to 15 minutes.

You also have the option to walk from Utrecht Central Station. First walk to Neude and Janskerkhof and finally to Stadsschouwburg. Walking will take about 20 minutes.

From De Uithof and Utrecht University you have the option to take the following bus lines:
- line 7
- line 8
- line 18
- line 28
Take the bus to busstop 'Stadsschouwburg'

Parking garages
Two parking garages are located at walking distance from the Stadsschouwburg.
parkinggarage Kruisstraat
adress: Kruisstraat 2 - 3581 GK Utrecht
This garage is accessible from both directions when coming from the Biltstraat. This garage has a capacity of 105 cars and is only a 3 minute walk to Stadsschouwburg

parkinggarage Grifthoek
adress: Wittevrouwensingel 96 - 3514 AL Utrecht
This garage is located at the Griftpak and is a short 10 minute walk to Stadsschouwburg.

Sidenote: Do not throw out your parking ticket, you will need it when exiting the garage.