The Hague Humanity Hub


Fluwelen Burgwal 58, Den Haag, The Netherlands +31 702 171 080

The Hague Humanity Hub
Located in the centre of the Hague, 5min walk from Central Station
Flexible terms and conditions
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The Hague Humanity Hub is a not for profit foundation that supports and strengthens the ecosystem for a more peaceful and just world. We facilitate connections and innovation by offering the necessary ingredients for chance encounters, new alliances, inspirational collaborations, and the exchange of knowledge.  

We strive to enable effective action through community, programmes, and The Hague Humanity Hub campus. The Hague Humanity Hub offers inspiring, fully-equipped, versatile rooms for a wide variety of meetings and events. These can include creative sessions, roundtables, trainings, receptions, and much more.

You can change the details and number of participants in your booking up to 48 hours in advance.

In case of cancellation, the following conditions apply:
- Up to 5 full working days in advance - free of charge cancellation.
- Up to 2 full working days, 50% of the agreed total amount in the quote will be invoiced.
- Less than 1 full working day in advance 100% of the agreed total amount in the quote will be invoiced.

Address information

Fluwelen Burgwal 58
Den Haag
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 702 171 080

Stichting The Hague Humanity Hub

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