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Meeting, training and event rooms

Boabab (L) (4.16) (68.4m2)

Baobab is an unconventionally shaped large meeting space with light and inspiration flooding in from all sides. The room offers a quiet and flexible space for workshops or seminars in different set-ups and is outfitted with modern video conferencing equipment. The glass walls give view to a cozy lounge featuring a table football that can be used during breaks to recharge your energy. 

Available settings
Carre 11 - 26
Creative setting 11 - 24
Corona 5 - 10


Hub Café (300m2)

Multifunctional open event space including a stage and a bar. Different settings are possible, including theatre (up to 150 guests), café (up to 70 guests), or reception (up to 200 guests).

Fixed 80" and 60" screens and a surround soundsystem, with microphones. 

If you wish to book this space for an event, please reach out to us directly at

Available settings
Theater 999 - 999
Cabaret 999 - 999
Reception 999 - 999
Lunch 999 - 999
Meeting 0 - 0
Corona 10 - 40


Eucalyptus (S) (4.10) (16.74m2)

Eucalyptus has the best view in the building of the surrounding city centre yet offers a private atmosphere with its wooden walls. It features a high table ideal for a standing meeting or a quick creative brainstorm. 

Available settings
Meeting 1 - 5
Block 1 - 5
Corona 1 - 2


Jacaranda (S) (4.13) (11.05m2)

Jacaranda is a small round room at the heart of the Hub entirely surrounded by wooden panels. It offers a cosy setting for one on one negotiations and can be a good home base for hosting your own video calls. 

Available settings
Block 1 - 5
Corona 1 - 2


Magnolia (M) (3.14) (25m2)

Magnolia’s semi-rounded shape and wooden panelling combines intimacy with spacious comfortability. With a view on a quiet residential wooden courtyard, it can be used for a private break-out session or simply your next team meeting. 

Available settings
Carre 4 - 8
Creative setting 2 - 8
Corona 1 - 4


Maple (L) (3.05) (70.62m2)

Suitable for a broad range of meetings from creative workshops to roundtables, Maple is the ideal space to explore big ideas. This dynamic room with warm-toned wooden walls is spacious and bright with large windows providing ample natural light. The glass walls can be used as whiteboards and offer a view of the Hubworkspace to transform the conventional meeting room feeling. Large double glass doors open up to the Hub Café giving the convenience for breakouts and drinks. 

Available settings
Block 11 - 25
Creative setting 11 - 40
U-shape 11 - 19
Circle 11 - 30
Theater 11 - 60
Reception 11 - 60
Diner 11 - 40
Corona 5 - 10


Willow (M) (3.13) (35.75m2)

Willow is a medium-sized multifunctional room, surrounded by windows on two sides and wooden and glass walls, offering the perfect setting for boardroom meetings. The ergonomic design and warm colour tones inspire creativity and is an ideal spot to brainstorm with your team. 

Available settings
Carre 6 - 14
Creative setting 6 - 20
Circle 6 - 16
Theater 6 - 20
U-shape 6 - 9
Corona 4 - 5