Tomato Tuesdays Online Co-working

Quellijnstraat 43E, Amsterdam, The Netherlands +31622395395

Tomato Tuesdays Online Co-working
Flexible terms and conditions
Free cancellation
Pay per seat

We are an online community of local entrepreneurs and professionals who work in our own spaces. 
We meet regularly online yet live close enough to meet up for coffee in Amsterdam.

We meet every Tuesday morning in our Zoom Video Conference Room and continue our collaborations in our closed Facebook group.

Janine and Marja guide you through a morning of focused and connected co-working.

You are welcome to join us  

Ps Until March 1st, 2018 we will only meet online. Co-working at the Quellijnstraat 43E will be only available after this date. 

Address information

Quellijnstraat 43E
The Netherlands

Phone: +31622395395

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