S2M For locals: Caravan2Business

Nedereindseweg 501, Utrecht, The Netherlands 0651151049

S2M For locals: Caravan2Business
Flexible terms and conditions
Free cancellation
Pay per seat

Caravan2Business has a great caravan where 10 people (max 12 but that's cosy) can work together.
The caravan is green (green painted and with solar energy) and combines camping and working.
Inside you feel a wicked and woody surfvibe and you find al kinds of little surprises behind the cabinets.
You can make your own coffee of hot coco, or grab a bottle of water from the fridge. 
The caravan is mobile and is found on different places in the Netherlands, next to nature or recreation area's.

Address information

Nedereindseweg 501
The Netherlands

Phone: 0651151049
E-mail: info@caravan2business.com

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