S2M For locals: Caravan2Business Meeting and co-working in Utrecht

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Welcome at S2M For locals: Caravan2Business

creative vibes start when you enter

this caravan had a great make-over and gives you fresh and creative energy.

write on the windows

You can write on (almost) everything, windows, whiteboard, chalkboard, try!

Get outside

the location is always near nature or recreation area


you can order or make your own, for a nice outside experience and even better taste

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Nedereindseweg 501
3546PM Utrecht



More information about S2M For locals: Caravan2Business

Caravan2Business has a great caravan where 10 people (max 12 but that's cosy) can work together.
The caravan is green (green painted and with solar energy) and combines camping and working.
Inside you feel a wicked and woody surfvibe and you find al kinds of little surprises behind the cabinets.
You can make your own coffee of hot coco, or grab a bottle of water from the fridge. 
The caravan is mobile and is found on different places in the Netherlands, next to nature or recreation area's.