Meeting, training and event rooms



The cockpit is a spacious and light room, with a view. You'll see the Jaarbeursplein for example. There's a lot of different ways to use this versatile space.

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Meeting 3 - 12
Circle 6 - 20



Ruimzicht gives you a great view on the Jaarbeursplein. This open and light eventspace is suitable for all kinds of events. From workshop to informal events; evertything is possible.

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Diner 8 - 16
Carre 14 - 20
Theater 20 - 60
Fish 20 - 60
Reception 30 - 90


Het Rabo GroenHuis

You can use Rabo GroenHuis for personal conversations of brainstorms. This unique location is light, spacious and comfy. Important: there is nog bathroom or running water in het Rabo GroenHuis. You can use ANNE's facilities, just across the street.

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Meeting 2 - 6


The Mirror

The Mirror is a beautifull space on the bottomfloor. It has a round glass wall thats gives the room a lovely glow. You can use The Mirror as workspace, for meetings or we can set it up for a group event

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School 4 - 12
U-shape 5 - 10
Circle 10 - 20
Theater 15 - 30