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Meeting, training and event rooms

Bios 1 (4m2)

Available settings
Corona 1 - 2


Bios 2 (4m2)

Available settings
Corona 1 - 2


Cockpit (29.25m2)

The cockpit is a spacious and light room on the first floor, with a view. Standardly equipped with a long table for meetings with smaller groups.


Available settings
Corona 2 - 8


The Mirror (48m2)

The Mirror is a beautifull space on the bottomfloor. It has a beautifull half-round glass wall that gives the room a lovely glow. You can use The Mirror as a workspace, for meetings or we can set it up for a group event


Available settings
Corona 4 - 12


Global Goals Rooftop (90m2)

Our rooftop is fully declared tot the Global Goals. We only used recycled materials to create it and as a green and spacy place is is very suitable to team meetings. We offer different formal and informal settings, presentation options and catering facilities.

Available settings
Corona 5 - 45
Diner 1 - 45
Party 1 - 45
Lunch 1 - 45


Ruimzicht (87.75m2)

Ruimzicht has a great view off the Jaarbeurs square. This open and light space on the first floor is suitable for different setups. Workshop, congress or meeting; it's all possible in this space. 


Available settings
Carre 10 - 25
Creative session 10 - 50
Theater 10 - 50