S2M For locals: De Voorkamer Meeting and co-working in Utrecht

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Welcome at S2M For locals: De Voorkamer

Gallery & Games

De Voorkamer presents its work all over the place. Do you feel bored and need a distraction? Have a look around and be amazed by the work and stories of our participants. What about a game of sjoel or backgammon as a break?


Kanaalstraat; perfect for great food with a vivid atmosphere.

Douwe Egberts & Arabic coffee

Proud of this lovely ‘Dutch’ taste, we’re never short on Douwe Egberts. Are you more adventurous, lets spice things up! Learn how to make this intense coffee with a hint of cardamom.


Do you feel like having a sandwich or you rather go crazy and make some delicious falafel? Feel free and use our kitchen.

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Kanaalstraat 225
3531CJ Utrecht



More information about S2M For locals: De Voorkamer

De Voorkamer is a meeting space for refugee center residents and local inhabitants of Utrecht. A place to meet, a place to play, a place to learn, a place to create, and simply a place to feel at home.

Since its opening in December ’16, De Voorkamer initiative facilitates and stimulates the talents of people living in a refugee center. It acts as a tool for communication and connection with the local society. We do this by working with small groups, refugee center residents together with locals (owners of workshops, creatives and enthusiasts) and strive to establish new valuable connections and an exchange of talents and inspiration.

Together, as a team, we design meetings and projects that bring the space to life and create objects that facilitate our activities. De Voorkamer changes its function, content and objects, according to the fascinations and interests of the participants.

De Voorkamer is a personal yet social environment, crafted by the stories of the participants, and we want to share it with you. We organize workshops and events mainly in the evenings and weekends, therefore we want to offer local professionals the opportunity to use the space during the day. In that way, we can continue connecting people through their interests and talents; for this reason we offer you a seat!

|The space is offered in exchange for your voice, spreading the word, and by doing so, helping us reach more great people that believe in what we do and would like to become a part of De Voorkamer community.