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Over 100 year ago, Berlage spoke with a journalist after presenting the Beurs van Berlage. Berlage was a socialist and wrote: 'I realise this will become the most capitalistic building in Amsterdam, but as soon as the economy crashes this will become a pallazo pubblico. A place where meeting others, sharing knowledge and working together will be the central themes'. It took 100 years, but thanks to this interview the vision of the Beurs and are now perfectly aligned.

Meeting rooms in Amsterdam

The foundation of our current economy – the former stock exchange - nowadays hosts Meetberlage, a formula created specifically for conferences, meetings, symposia and presentations up to 100 guests. With a view reaching Amsterdam Central Station we offer all the facilities needed to host events. These meetings may range from a full-service three-day corporate Symposium to an affordable meetup for your startup.

Meetberlage is inspired by This formula has global coverage, and believes that current societal changes call for new platforms, and connections of competencies are the key to economical success.

This sheds a new light on the way we host your meeting, event, conference or symposium. We are always thrilled to facilitate your fully pre-planned event, but what really excites us are our co-productions. Together with our broad network of partners and experts, we love to help you prepare the perfect event. In many cases, we create a full and long lasting partnership where we share the risk and success of events.

Take full control of your meeting via our online reservation service. At any moment you are free to change the amount of people or the services your group requires. We take any risk of the success of your meeting off your hands with our 24-hour-before-your-meeting cancellation policy. If you would like some assistance with the setup of your meeting or event, we are happy to assist you via telephone, email or over a cup of coffee.. More information.

Meet&work lounge

A quick coffee with a colleague, a few hours of work and meeting new people? In this lounge you are not expected to pay for your seat with cash, but with social capital. We expect you to be open to meeting new people, and sharing the knowledge you bring with you. More information.


Flexibel office space, right next to Central Station. Deskspaces are the place to get some work done, but also be surrounded by a diverse network of experts and professionals. More information.

Office space

Office space for your team, from 1 to 12 months. Your very own office space, with direct access to a network of freelancers and other coworkers. Use our lounge to meet with your visitors, and book one of our meeting rooms on demand. More information.

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Thomas Kemperman

Fijne centrale plek. Aardige mensen en betaalbare drankjes.
Meet Berlage - Amsterdam center
Michael Nijdam

Great new management!
Meet Berlage - Amsterdam center
Jaap de Wit

Dé S2M plek in Amsterdam.
Meet Berlage - Amsterdam center

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