New event concept launched!

Robert Van Opzeeland June 19, 2023 6 views
New event concept launched!
We've just launched a new private dining concept with live music! It's a re-occurring event where we serve and highlight a different world kitchen every 2 weeks.

We will place a long table on the terrace that could fit up to 40 people. Live music, meeting new people, a bonfire and options to stay, dance and chill the whole night.

Menu & Prices

The menu is catered for meat or vegetarian, unfortunately not vegan or gluten-free, subject to minor changes. Please submit on the payment page if you would like the meat or vegetarian option.  

Stuffed Plum with stew or onion compote

Thousand hole pancake with honey and rosted almonds

Elderflower bubble or Cremant de bourgonge

Baisar with harissa-oil and cumin  

Minted iced tea or Red barbera (piedmont)

Bastilla with chicken or mushrooms

Rose-Mocktail or organic apple cider  

Couscous de luxe with vegetables, beef or onions

Rooibos-ginger-bubbel or Trippel IPA

Briwat and Mlouza

Morrocan tea or dessert wine

Price options:

1. Dinner ticket €43

(no drinks included)

2. Non-alchol arrangement €12

3. Alchol arrangement €18

4. 10 presale coins €25

5. 25 presale coins €62,50

(drink tokens can be used to purchase drinks from the bar.)

Published by:
Robert Van Opzeeland
Published on:
June 19, 2023