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Moreelsepark 65
3511EP Utrecht
+31302393838 BV

More information about Seats2meet Utrecht CS

Shape your plans and meet new people Utrecht CS is the best place to have your meetings. Centrally located and with a unique booking scheme. You pay per seat. With a flexible design and extensive facilities it is the ideal location for hosting your most important meetings. Even for a big event or small workshop Utrecht is just as well-suited. In the open lounge there is also opportunity to connect quickly and easily to a diverse group of independent professionals with knowledge, skills and contacts. Come to Hoog Catharijne and join the value network!

Not sure yet? Don’t worry. With us, you can easily make adjustments to your booking up to 24 hours in advance, without charge. All by yourself, via our innovative booking and event software. Still have questions? You can easily contact us by phone or email. We are dedicated to help you make your meeting a success!

Look & Feel Utrecht CS is characterized by an industrial feel and has a wide choice of rooms, suitable for any type of gathering. An individual coaching session, a brainstorm with break-out rooms, or a board meeting? Everything is possible with us. Whether you are looking for the tranquility of nature or a reliving of the 70s, choose the style that fits your event. At Utrecht CS, building networks of connected people is at the heart of our DNA. During monthly S2M Festival inspiring initiatives take the stage to present themselves to you. In the open lounge knowledge reaches the next level with numerous relevant unexpected encounters, also known as serendipity. One of our rooms, The Loft was completely furnished by the S2M network. Want to know what knowledge is in house? Create a profile, fill out your areas of expertise and book your workspace. In return, we get you a workspace, wifi, coffee & tea and a delicious lunch. Get a quick overview by logging on to our software: Who’s in the house now?

Book now at Utrecht CS!

Note: all locations are considered as controller within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As one of the flashipstore locations of the Seast2meet concept, Utrecht CS B.V. follows the AVG policy of Seats2meet International B.V., as described at

Upcoming events

10 Feb
09:30 - 16:30
Seats2meet Utrecht CS Seats2meet Utrecht CS
Training Video & vloggen voor bedrijven
Een professioneel ogende video of vlog maken met een smartphone: hoe pak je dat aan? Wat moet je weten én doen om een weldoor...

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Directions Seats2meet Utrecht CS

Public Transport (± 4 minutes walk)

Welcome to Utrecht CS! If you go up from the platform to the station hall you will see two signs. Follow the sign towards the center. You will then arrive at the check-out gates. If you walk through them you'll see a facade with sliding doors on your left. That's where you exit the station. You are now on the Stationsplein, with the 'bulb roof' above it. On your right you'll see the entrance of Hoog Catharijne shopping center. That's the direction you should go.

You enter Hoog Catharijne through the right door and keep right. Then you walk straight ahead (for quite a bit). At the end of this "corridor" you enter an inner courtyard with a terrace in the middle. To the right of this terrace is a glass door with the text "Hoog Overborch" above it. That’s the one you need!

When you walk in there's a doorbell to the left of the next door. When you hear the buzzer you can enter. Here you see the lifts. In a healthy mood? You'll find the door to the staircase in the right corner. We're based on the second floor. Welcome!

By car / Parking

NB! P1 is closed due to renovations from 10-1-2022 to 3-4-2022

Fortunately, you can also park in P4 under Hoog Catharijne. Set your navigation to Stationsstraat 29 to get there easily. 

You can book a cheap parking ticket in advance via this link !

When you walk out of the car park the Mediamarkt is on your left and the Amazing Oriental across from you. Seats2meet is located on the other side of Hoog Catharijne, about a 5-minute walk away.

You start by walking to the left (Mediamarkt is now on your left). Now you keep on walking ahead, you pass the main entrance, the Lush, Bakker Bart and the Action and then you'll see an inner courtyard with a terrace. To the right of this terrace is a glass door with the text "Hoog Overborch" above it. This is the one you need! 

Walk in and press our bell on the left. When you enter you see the lifts. Feeling healthy? The door to the stairs is in the right corner. We're based on the second floor. Welcome!

Option 2: P + R Transferium Westraven
You can also park your car at P + R Transferium Westraven and take the tram to Central Station from there. It's a less than 10 minutes walk to our location. This is the cheapest option. You can find more information here.

Walking route from the Mariaplaats (± 2 minutes walk)
When you walk from the center of Utrecht (where you can admire our beautiful under-construction-Dom church) you cross the intersection and walk straight on. You have the Moreelsepark on your left and Hoog Catharijne on your right. 

On your right you see an entrance to Hoog Catharijne with escalators. You pass that, because a little further you will find the entrance "Hoog Overborch" on the right. This is our entry! Walk in and press our bell on the right. When you hear the buzzer you can enter. You will see the lifts on your right. In a healthy mood? The stairs are on your left ;-) You can find us on the second floor!

Thanks for bringing your products to us! To make it as easy as possible, navigate to Spoorstraat 22. You can reach it from Catharijnesingel or Stationsplein. When you arrive, use the entrance "Expeditie Godebaldkwartier" (next to the entrance of the Hoog Catharijne parking garage P1). Call us if you are there on 030-2393838, we will bring you the key and show you the goods lift. You get out on the second floor, right in the middle of our sizzling location!