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Seats2meet Utrecht CS
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We are Seats2meet Utrecht. 

A meeting hub in the heart of Holland where you can organize meetings, events & collaborate with others. Magic happens here everyday, as big corporates mix with start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

Looking for a meeting space? You can book per hour and pay per seat. Looking for a work place? You're welcome in our Playground where you can work full-focus and 'pay' by being open to contact and sharing your smile. Welcome to the future!

Change or cancel? 
Do you need to make any last minute changes? Up until 24 hours before your booking begins you can make adjustments in your booking overview up to 25 people. Convenient, right? You can find the terms and conditions here

New location
We are moving to a custom-built, sustainable building in the new section of Hoog Catharijne in the first week of September. Close to the station entrance, next to Rituals. Where your encounters are going to be even more enjoyable. Want to stay informed about the developments? Sign up for our newsletter!

Eager to learn more? 
Check our website!

Do you have a question or are you stuck? Feel free to call or email: 030-239 3838 or

We look forward to meeting you!

Address information

Moreelsepark 65
The Netherlands

Phone: +31302393838

CoC Utrecht BV

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* There may be options on the days that we are closed for meetingspaces. Feel free to contact us.
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