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Meeting, training and event rooms

Balance (51m2)

If you need a balanced meeting space, this one's for you. With the look and feel of a beach, sit back in your chair, relax, and shared ideas will roll in like the tide.

Available settings
Circle 8 - 20
Cabaret 8 - 24
Carre 8 - 18
U-shape 8 - 16


Connect (12.25m2)

This small, but cozy space is great for making connections. It fits 1 to 4 persons: perfect for a coaching session, to use as a break-out room, or to take that important call without being disturbed!


Available settings
Sit-down 1 - 4


Create (49m2)

Create is a place for large(r) groups and creative sessions.

This meeting space is in one of our quietest areas. Together you can create your own bubble and find new insights and solutions! The space can be easily adjusted to your wishes, so please let us know what would make you happy!


Available settings
U-shape 6 - 16
Carre 6 - 18
Cabaret 6 - 20
Circle 6 - 20


Digital (35m2)

Every new project begins with a design, and secretly, we are all designers. This creative space demands: design your own future!

Inspire each other and create new concepts in this colorful, design-focused room. Sit on the couch or at the table - whatever fits your meeting best!


Available settings
Creative session 2 - 6
Meeting 2 - 6


Ecosystem (105m2)

Gray changes to green. Because green is the start of a bright future!

This room is a beautiful 4-seasons meeting space with a rural ambiance. It’s flexible decor makes it suitable for all kinds of meetings. It even boasts a stage if you want to host a bigger event!

Curious to hear more? Let us know and we'll be glad to answer any question.


Available settings
Carre 18 - 28
U-shape 18 - 26
Circle 18 - 28
Cabaret 18 - 40
Theater 30 - 80


Explore (48m2)

Welcome to the future!

What can you learn from each other? What can your meeting teach you? Do you have a fresh perspective and a focus on the future?

This meeting space has the best of both worlds: a large, practical wooden table, and a cozy living room area. Prepare your session, deep dive into your favorite topic, or have an intimate chat: all is possible!


Available settings
Meeting 6 - 14


Flow (20m2)

'Don't ever go with the flow. Be the flow'.

That moment in life when it all comes together and everything just seems to move on it's own. You complement and challenge each other. Everyone is valuable. There is a balance between hard work and relaxation. 

This fresh and blue environment will help you get into your flow. This space will make sure you leave with an enormous smile and incredible results.


Available settings
Meeting 2 - 8


Global (60m2)

'Some like it hot'; that’s the former name of this bright red and energizing space. With a beautiful conference table and comfortable leather chairs, this is the perfect setting for heated discussions or creative consultations. This space has been renamed 'Global' to reflect its new role: a multifunctional space in which the Global Goals are central. In the future, there will even be an escape room option... Exciting!

Available settings
Cabaret 8 - 24
Carre 8 - 20
U-shape 8 - 18
Circle 8 - 22


Greenhouse (42m2)

Growth guaranteed! In this bright space, 'Palacio de Cristal' can be seen on the wall. This handsome greenhouse is in the Parque del Buen Retiro in Madrid. It was built to display tropical plants from the Philippines. Our Greenhouse uses depth and spaciousness to make you feel like you are lounging outside, surrounded by green.

Available settings
Meeting 4 - 14


Grow (19.25m2)

Where better to grow than in a greenhouse? And with fresh KRNWTR and Pokon, you’ll be growing in no time. ;-) No kidding: Grow is an immediate eye-catcher. The light comes in from all sides, causing conversations to flow. Grow is suitable for people who like a bit of activity. Because the walls are made of glass, you can see (and hear) what is happening around you. Our reception is right next to Grow. So you always have help nearby!

Available settings
Meeting 1 - 8


Infinity (24m2)

This comfortable space symbolizes infinity. Everything will always move forward, and that's quite comforting, when you think about it.

This space is great for 2 to 6 people. Have a coaching session or meeting with your (project) team. Every conversation is a good conversation in this space!

Available settings
Meeting 1 - 6


Innovate (30m2)

"Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat", according to Steve Jobs. And he is right (as usual). To move forward you need to be daring to change. Dare to change your views, embrace new perspectives and be open. That is what this space is designed for.

Stay active and awake in your meetings, by alternatively sitting and standing at our high tables.

Available settings
Meeting 2 - 10


Jungle (70m2)

In our Jungle you feel as if you are in the great outdoors. And there is something going on: it is slowly changing from a quiet forest into a lively jungle ... For example, the room has recently been inhabited by luminous monkeys. Still nice, of those cozy guys in the foliage! With separate tables and chairs, this space can be arranged to your ideal tropical setup.

Available settings
U-shape 10 - 18
Carre 10 - 20
Cabaret 12 - 26
Circle 8 - 22
Theater 20 - 40


Leaf (16m2)

Between the tree leaves you have a view of the beautiful Utrecht Dom (which is currently being renovated and is therefore hidden behind scaffolding). Leaf is a quiet place where you can catch your breath. With the sunny and relaxed chairs, it is the perfect place for an inspiring conversation, a solo work moment or in-depth coaching.

Available settings
Sit-down 1 - 4


Ocean (56m2)

Take a fresh deep dive in our meeting space Ocean. 

Movable tables and chairs provide the flexibility to adjust the setting of the meeting space to your needs.


Available settings
Carre 8 - 18
Circle 6 - 18
U-shape 8 - 16
Cabaret 8 - 20


Roots (35m2)

From the window of this meeting space you look out on the tops of the trees in Moreelse Park.

There's a beautiful work by The Love Bird Company on the wall. It is a handmade 'Tree of Life' that reminds us of the connection between up and down, between head and heart, between upper- and undertow. An inspiring starting point for your meeting!

Available settings
Carre 4 - 14
U-shape 4 - 12
Circle 4 - 14


Serendipity (30m2)

That magical moment when you feel something special is happening, without having expected it: that is what 'serendipity' is about. As if it was meant to be.

Serendipity is centrally located in Seats and symbolizes our core. The Dutch guerrilla and graffiti artist GabyGaby used to come and work often in our Playground. When this space needed a change, at the same time a spontaneous conversation took place. 'What is it you do, actually?'. And the rest is history...

Through the glass wall you stay connected to our Playground. If you need some more rest and quiet you can close the curtains. A business meeting or a creative brainstorm: all is possible in this relaxing meeting space with comfortable chairs.

Available settings
Meeting 2 - 10


Source (49m2)

Source is the perfect space to create your own, inspiring setting. 

You can switch between a relaxed, informal setting, a brainstorming session, or have an active meeting at the table. Choose the setup that suits you best and get to the source of your ideas an inspiration! 

Available settings
Meeting 4 - 12
Creative session 4 - 12


Stories (27m2)

'Stories' invites you to make a connection with each other. To share. Not just the mundane and everyday, but the grand and majestic. Personal or business related. Together you’ll connect the dots. So tell me: what’s your story?


Available settings
Meeting 2 - 8


Transform (225m2)

"Ladies and gentlemen travelling in the direction of Paris, please go to Platform 1" The announcement is made and you see the crowd around you. Some people waiting, others moving past you in a hurry...

A train station is a magical place. Fast, urban, ever changing, but at the same time nostalgic and full of promise. It's a place where people transform. Moving from one place to another. From home to work. From old to new. A place of tradition and adventure.

This room can be easily transformed to fit your needs, due to the multi-functional character of this large meeting space. Do you like it bright, or cozy and shaded? Seated like a theatre, or in small, separate groups? We even have a modular stage! 

Would you like to hear more? Don't hesitate to ask!

Available settings
U-shape 20 - 32
Carre 20 - 32
Circle 20 - 34
Cabaret 25 - 50
Theater 25 - 180


Tribe (70m2)

At the start of our long hall of meeting spaces is 'Tribe'. It is a multifunctional and light space. The spacious design makes it suitable for large groups and different types of gatherings. So whatever meeting you have and whichever group you are in: come together and form your 'tribe-of-the-day'!

Available settings
Cabaret 12 - 30
Carre 12 - 22
Circle 12 - 24
U-shape 12 - 20
Theater 20 - 50


Wonder (48m2)

Socrates once wrote: 'Wisdom begins in wonder'.

By wondering, you keep on researching, inventing, and asking questions. Let the world surprise you. 'Wonder' will help you find that curious part of you. Leaf through one of the books in our bookcase, have a brainstorm from a new perspective (a.k.a. our couch), and explore how to best light the room... You can also find our wonderful history in this space. Is your curiosity getting to you already?

Wonder is close to our coffee corner, with almost private restrooms. 


Available settings
Meeting 6 - 14