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Stationsplein 49, Amersfoort, The Netherlands +31 33 2022190

Seats2meet Amersfoort CS
Located in the centre of the Netherlands/ Amersfoort Central Station
Very suitable as trainingslocation
Personal and hospitable service
Flexible terms and conditions

Meetings at Amersfoort CS
‘A central location, an ideal place for a meeting, training or simply to work: that's Seats2meet Amersfoort CS!'

Choose the perfect space for all your meetings!

Being located in the exact center of the country, we can offer the ideal meetingspace for groups whose attendees come from all over the Netherlands. Our 18 meetinspaces are perfect for a meeting, workshop, training or presentation. Seats2meet Amersfoort CS cordially welcomes you to a meetingspace suited for the needs of your meeting.

Our hospitable team is keen to provide more information about our rooms and the Seats2meet concept. You can always get in touch or pop in for a tour.

Book, manage or change 24/7 (no-cost cancellation up to 24 hours before the booking).
A unique and simple booking system. It's easy to do your booking online, through the bookingsystem on, and change or even cancel up to 24 hours before the date at no charge. You can book your space through your own account, which you can create by registering on the website with your current Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google or Windows Live profile.

Never pay too much!
The prices for renting a meetingspace are dynamic and furthermore you pay per chair and by the hour.

Working in the workspace
Seats2meet Amersfoort CS also offers 40 work spaces for freelancers. At S2M we call them self-employed professionals. You pay for your work space with social capital. Why don't you come in, fire up your computer, while enjoying a cup of coffee, and meet like-minded people and share knowledge and experiences? Your ideal workspace is here!


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Address information

Stationsplein 49
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 33 2022190

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* There may be options on the days that we are closed for meetingspaces. Feel free to contact us.
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