Work Buddies Online - Virtual Co-Working Anywhere

Witte de Withstraat , Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Work Buddies Online - Virtual Co-Working Anywhere
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Come and co-work with us remotely
We are an online community of entrepreneurs and professionals who work in our own spaces.
We meet regularly on video to connect and focus. At the right times we also enjoy helping each other on our projects and having some fun.

Is this you?
You work or study remotely – at home or at a co-working space.
You are either running your own business or work as a remote freelancer, contractor or employee.

Do you often feel…
That you miss the feeling of having other people around you?
Frequently distracted, unproductive, and that you are wasting time.
That you miss the collaboration of with others to share ideas and give feedback?
Alone and isolated in your work.
Overwhelmed or swamped.
Lost in your to-do list.
Over-done with computer time and crave more connection with others who ‘get you’ and are part of your tribe.

You love the freedom of your own endeavours, yet miss the collaboration and synergy of having co-workers or work mates.

​We are building this community for people that love the freedom of remote work yet miss the buzz of having people around them and the accountability that comes with that.
Our big picture dream is to build a fully functional platform to support this all over the world.
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Witte de Withstraat
The Netherlands


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