Experience Center Amsterdam/Hoofddorp Holland Office Center - Building 4

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Meeting, training and event rooms

Air (14m2)

Air is the flexible workspace! For all your 1 on 1’s, phone calls, video meetings, assessments or just to work privately for a day!

Available settings
Block 1 - 2


Challenge (70m2)

Challenge is a light and inspiring room with a bookcase full of inspiration and a big digital screen. The XXL meeting table gives you the space to meet, conduct interviews or to get to work with your project team! Take a break or talk for a moment in the comfortable seating area. 

Available settings
Block 4 - 10


Connect (30m2)

Work and Connect! A fine and quiet space of 15m2 provided with a desk and meeting table. Connect during calls, have a meeting or work together. The Connect is suited for 1 to 5 persons and can also be used as a break-out room during your event.

Available settings
Block 1 - 5
Circle 3 - 8


Earth (84m2)

Get down to Earth! Are you organizing a meeting, training or workshop and are you looking for a space with a natural setting? Then the Earth would be a perfect space for you! This flexible space with a calm appearance cares for a relaxed atmosphere. Multiple setups are possible.

Available settings
Carre 6 - 12
Creative setting 2 - 12
U-shape 6 - 12
Block 6 - 12
Examination 6 - 12
Meeting 6 - 12
School 6 - 12


Experience (120m2)

The perfect space for large presentations, events, workshops and teambuilding activities. The Experience stimulates all the senses. It’s up to you to adjust the colors of the light to the goal of your meeting. The simultaneous projection with two beamers, in combination with a professional sound system, is a guarantee for a fantastic visual and auditory experience.

Available settings
Creative setting 10 - 36
Theater 10 - 25
Circle 10 - 25
Lunch 16 - 24
Reception 20 - 60
U-shape 0 - 0


Fire (40m2)

Are you looking for a space to light up your fire? 'Fire' is the ideal space for a creative meeting or a brainstorm session. The magnetic stripes on the wall make it easy to hang up some flip-over papers or use the chalk wall to write or draw some ideas! 

Available settings
Block 2 - 10
U-shape 3 - 8
Meeting 2 - 8


Living (96m2)

Feel at home in our cozy Living. You can use this homey space to welcome your guests, to work, to relax, to have a meeting or for creative brainstorm sessions. The chalk wall and digital screen facilitates you to work in a space that feels like home. Do you rather have a relaxed lunch and/or diner in a homely environment? Everything is possible in the Living!

Available settings
Block 2 - 10
Creative setting 6 - 18
Lunch 6 - 22
Diner 6 - 22
Reception 10 - 30
U-shape 6 - 9
Meeting 6 - 8


Playground (120m2)

The Playground is the perfect space for a creative learning session or to work in a playful setting. This creative brainstorm space is colorful en stimulates creativity and interaction. Let loose completely with activities like painting, building, and drawing or have your creative brainstorm session here. Get ready to create in the Playground!

Available settings
Circle 4 - 16
Block 6 - 16
Theater 10 - 26


Reverse (320m2)

The perfect meeting space for presentations, events, workshops and teambuilding activities. The Reverse is a meeting space with an industrial look. The simultaneous projection with beamer and in addition a big LCD screen, in combination with a professional sound system, guarantees a great visual and audial experience.

Available settings
Theater 20 - 120
Circle 12 - 25
Block 8 - 10