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Aim for the Sun (36m2)

Available settings
U-shape 3 - 6
Meeting 3 - 7


De Groeiruimte (34.2m2)

How much space for growth are you giving yourself during your next meeting? 
The MeetInPeace motto is 'together in bloom', and this meetingspace exemplifies that. 'De Groeiruimte' means 'space for growth' and is themed for growing & blooming. 

De Groeiruimte is a pleasant, light meetingspace with direct sun in the morning, daylight from above and access to a roof terrace. Giving each guest 1,5m personal space for growth, a maximum of six people can come together here. 

To help our guests keep a comfortable distance in our narrow hallways, the complete MeetInPeace meetingcentre is has been given the looks of an old Dutch boardgame: Mens-Erger-Je-Niet. De Groeiruimte represents the green homebase. 

Available settings
Cabaret 3 - 6
Carre 3 - 6
U-shape 3 - 6
Theater 3 - 6
Circle 3 - 6


Room of Heavenly Peacemaking (16.2m2)

In this meetingspace we invoke the 'blue homebase' of the dutch boardgame Mens-Erger-Je-Niet as well as two iconic locations in China.

Over thirty years ago, a man  moved to stand between tanks riding onto Tianamen Square ("square of Heavenly Peacebuilding") to defend the people demonstrating, grocery bag in hand. The image begame iconis for peace activism and the power of brave people.

Human bravery shows us that we have the power to transcend ourselves. Some places in nature, too, remind us of this. West of Wuhan and right next to a town carrying the same name, you will find Tianmen: Heaven's Gate. Long winding stairs wil lead you up, and from far oof you will see the huge passage through the high rocky mountainside. As if peeking through an enormous gate, you look out at the heavens behind the mountainrange. A beautiful and imposing view!

Available settings
Block 2 - 4


Bonfire (30m2)

Laugh, party, cherish, wish, love & wonder...with all of us! Invoking the 'red homebase' of the dutch game Mens-Erger-Je-Niet, The Bonfire is probably the best place to stoke up some heat.

Go for it, you're on fire!

Available settings
Carre 2 - 6
Circle 3 - 6
Theater 4 - 6
Cabaret 4 - 6
Block 2 - 6
U-shape 4 - 6


Lounge C (18m2)

Lichte tweepersoons werkruimte met bureaustoelen en toegang tot de binnentuin.

Available settings
Block 1 - 2


Lounge F (28m2)

Available settings
Block 1 - 4


Lounge G (16m2)

Available settings
Meeting 1 - 2


Lounge J (9.3m2)

Available settings
Meeting 1 - 2