About us Seats2meet.com: The Serendipity Machine

How we connect, collaborate and grow

Connecting and empowering

Connecting people in an innovative way and empowering them to excel as a professional, that is what we love doing at Seats2meet.com! That is why we have build a software that gives insights in people’s knowledge and connects them to others they don’t even know yet, but might be relevant to them. This process is called serendipity.

Location owner, ambassadors and users

In The Netherlands there are more than 130 locations already powered by Seats2meet.com. The S2M location owners are all using the software to match people dynamically, and facilitate the serendipitous encounters both virtually and physically. They find and support each other in the virtual HQ, also using the tools provided by Seats2meet.com. The people that are being matched, start sharing their knowledge, start collaborations, generate and share ideas: the perfect soil for innovation. They make the location where they connect a place to be. Apart from The Netherlands, Seats2meet.com can also be found in Spain, Germany, France, Brazil, United States, Egypt, United Kingdom, Japan and Equador. Meet the S2M location owners and Ambassadors here

Seats2meet.com core team

With a small core team we develop the vision and tools for Seats2meet.com and we love doing it!! We have a unique and innovative business model and have managed to find a good balance between social and monetary capital. We are proud that Seats2meet.com has become a certified B Corporation in 2015. Certified B Corporations are a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Corp certification is to sustainable business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.

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Where to experience Seats2meet.com:

At your workspace

Our experience shows that the need for innovative work spaces is increasing significantly.

At your meetings

We welcome you to an innovative meeting experience which fits the purpose of your meeting.

At your office

You want to be well connected in an environment that adapts to your flexible circumstances.

At your events

We help to make your event successful. Together we create the stage where your event can shine.

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