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SpareSpace Meetingroom (34m2)

SpareSpace is the place for new entrepreneurs. It is a unique concept. We combine the right working space with services entrepreneurs may need. There are a lot of experts supporting young entrepreneurs. However, being a starter it’s not always easy to find an expert who would fit you both personally and financially. With a great amount of experienced professionals in the network SpareSpace can match you to the right experts, who will help you build your company and bring it to success. SpareSpace is like your coach: it gets to know your business and offers you what you need.

Available settings
Cabaret 1 - 12
Examen 1 - 10
Carre 1 - 12
Blok 1 - 12
Theater 1 - 60
Creatieve opstelling 1 - 14
Stoelenkring 1 - 50
U-vorm 1 - 10
Meeting 1 - 14
Anders 1 - 100