21,182 reviews give us an average 9.1

You meet each other at seats2meet.com

  • 1,014,623 booked seats in 6 countries
  • Free cancellation
  • 306 Meetingspaces
  • 1,728 Free Workspaces
  • 1,014,623 booked seats in 6 countries
  • Free cancellation
  • 306 Meetingspaces
  • 1,728 Free Workspaces
21,182 reviews give us an average 9.1
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What is Seats2meet.com?

Together we are strong

We’d love to co-create your meeting or event. You have the program, we the space and the network. Together we strive for success and put your event in the spotlight on our stage.

You pay for what you use

That’s why you book one or multiple seats in a unique work- meeting- or deskspace. Flexible conditions and access to our value network filled up with expertise make us unique.

The strength of encounters

Facilitating and connection people gives us energy. Optimally working together in an environment where you quickly meet the right people.

How do users experience us

Hedwig e Groot

“Nieuwe mensen ontmoet en kennis uitgewisseld. Netwerk vergroot.”
S2M station Amersfoort
Louis Vlaar

“Het was goed geregeld en super dat rekening wordt gehouden met de belangen van vrijwilligers.”
Seats2meet.com Utrecht CS
Reinhard Spronk

“MEET-BERLAGE = the place to be !!!”
Meetberlage - Amsterdam

An abundance of knowledge is available for you

Knowledge sharing is cool! You come across people who can help you further. Below you can find all the available knowledge that can help you arrange your workspace.

These companies also meet at S2M

Upcoming events



10:00 - Masterclass Crowdfunding
Maak een vliegende start met crowdfunding! Schrijf nu in. Sta je aan het begin van een crowdf...
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15:30 - Lezing Duurzaamheid voor MKB door Jos Reinhoudt van MVO Nederland
Duurzaamheid is een veel gebruikte term maar wat betekent het nou concreet in de praktijk? En%2...
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14:00 - Robotics
Wereldwijd zien we dat de verkoop van robots door het dak heen gaat. Wat voor gevolgen gaan%2...
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