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The wide range of hybrid meeting formats such as webinars, virtual training, meetups, live streams, and talk shows are all great examples of services we offer to facilitate meetings.

We are ready to enable you with the tech, the moderator, as well as our extensive network of experts and audience to grow reach. This is how we facilitate you, your meeting, and your purpose, including serendipitous encounters.

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At S2M we believe in people. We believe that connecting them makes them stronger. That is why everything we do at S2M is aimed at connecting and empowering you to excel, both as an individual and as a professional. To become a the best version of yourself. For yourself, of course!

Get matched, dynamically and relevantly

We facilitate physical locations and virtual environments where you get dynamically matched to relevant people, events and content that can all add value to you and your business. In The Netherlands you can also book meeting spaces.

Grow stronger, stay relevant

By getting introduced to the right people with the S2M software, sharing knowledge and educating ourselves on the S2M platform (People present), we grow stronger, together. That’s how we stay relevant in this rapidly changing world.

“Work from this hype neighborhood in the Dutch city of tech and design”
Seats2meet Eindhoven Strijp-S
“Visit the first Seats2meet location and grasp some of its serendipity” Utrecht CS
“Be one of the entrepreneurial minds in the historic heart of Amsterdam!”
Meet Berlage - Amsterdam Center
“Get in a creative mood in this location filled with writers”
Seats2meet Amersfoort CS
“Running for 20 years Meeting Plaza was a Seats2meet location even before S2M came to exist”
Meeting Plaza
5,964 reviews give us an average 9.5

Upcoming events

08 Jul
09:30 - 12:30
Remote training: TED-waardig presenteren
Exclusief: leer in deze remote training hoe je een presentatie geeft die de wereld inspireert! TED-waardig presenteren is be...
08 Jul
10:00 - 12:00
Seats2meet Tilburg LocHal Seats2meet Tilburg LocHal
- Lift up your energy - Een oplaadmoment voor jezelf en hernieuwde focus op je werk Heb jij ook zo genoeg van dat thuis werk...
09 Jul
14:00 - 17:00 Utrecht CS Utrecht CS
Gathering Together S2M spokes NL
De afgelopen tijd is het voor ons als Seats2meet locaties bijzonder pittig geweest. En nog steeds. Tijd dus om onze krachten...