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Avenida Morumbi, 4858
0000AA São Paulo
+55 11 4323-4218


Meer informatie over Cosy

Cosy arose from the desire to transform an old house on Morumbi Avenue into a welcoming, intimate and inspiring environment. Many different types of companies and groups consider the space to be a benchmark when thinking of the ideal space for meetings, workshops and corporate training sessions.
What makes Cosy different is very simple: the physical environment influences the quality of the events and the interaction of the visitors.
Each of Cosy’s meeting rooms is unique and they were all designed with all sorts of different corporate occasions in mind. At Cosy, ostentation gives space to warmth. The functional design and simplicity guarantee comfort and calmness. Well-ventilated and quiet environments, with plenty of natural light and windows with beautiful outside views, provide a sense of tranquility that we all seek when considering new ideas and projects.
The warmth and convenience of the space are also guaranteed by the refreshments, security, technology and valet parking, all carefully planned by Cosy´s staff.
Find out more about Cosy and transform the quality of your meetings, training days and workshops.