Marcus Garvey Blvd Vergaderen en flexwerken in Brooklyn

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Kitchen Area

Always have coffee and tea. With an amazing lounge area in the kitchen.

Deze week open:

ma 09:00  -  17:00
di 09:00  -  17:00
wo 09:00  -  17:00
do 09:00  -  17:00
vr 09:00  -  17:00
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7 Marcus Garvey Blvd
11206 Brooklyn


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New artistic Co-working space in the heart of Bushwick. BKLYNCommons provides the comfortable environment for the social gathering of numerous people who can cooperate with eat other in order to achieve the most efficient work. Whether they are small businesses, start-up, entrepreneurs, innovators, freelancers or independent individuals, they can gather together to share work environment. This building boasts a range of features and facilities to benefit any company, including 24 hr access to the building 7 days a week, a reception area where friendly staff offers a warm welcome to guests throughout the day.