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Welkom bij VillageOffice Windisch Kunzwerk

Lounge Loft

Climb into the sky and get a bird's eye view of our coworking space.

Creative Walls

Your mum said you couldn't write on walls- guess what: Here you can!

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07:00  -  19:00
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07:00  -  19:00
07:00  -  19:00
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Dorfstrasse 69
5210 Windisch
+41 76 418 50 58


Meer informatie over VillageOffice Windisch Kunzwerk

Welcome to VillageOffice - Kunzareal!

My name is Emilie and I am your host.

Our moto is simple: Work where you live. 

We are a network of co-working spaces across Switzerland, dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions, strengthening local communities, and ensuring that they are inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Join the VillageOffice family, and you will always have a quiet place to work close to home, where you can connect with others to exchange ideas and be inspired.

We are open Monday-Friday from 7am - 7pm.

To find out more, visit us online at (QR Code), or send me an email so we can grab a cup of coffee together and get to know each other. I can tell you more about the space and how to become a part of the family.