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240 Williams Rd
29626 Anderson

ETS Entertainment, LLC

Meer informatie over Stealth Studios

ETS Entertainment is an independent company that is a multi-media & marketing company that caters mostly to independent artist/companies across the globe.  There are more than enough entertainment companies that caters to the 5% of the artist that are in constant rotation on traditional radio and visible on TV.  ETS Entertainment caters to the other 95% trying to get into the music industry; without the artist having to watering down their craft, in order to fit into an industry that has dumb down music forcing the listeners to like music not because its good, but because you will hear the same song 3 -4 times in one hour.

ETS Entertainment, goal is to introduce new artist to new listeners.  Everything from R&B, Hip Hop, House, Gospel, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Afro-House, Salsa, and not just these genre, but well as music from different parts of the world.  At the same time give a platform to other artist such as painters, sculptures, fashion designers and jewelry makers. 

Entertainment, music, art, fashion, dance are created for sharing.  We thrive to show there is still a such thing as talent and giving the right opportunity, and guide then anyone can thrive in this industry. 

Stealth Studios a location that brings together but not limited to entrepreneurs in the music industry, that brings together independent record labels, artist, musicians, producers, graphic designers, photographers, web developers, graphic artist, media companies, and social media specialist.  
We bring these people together in order to share their talent using the Social Capital serendipity machine in exchange of sharing Working Capital from the product(s) they create.

ET Stone, has been working with the City of Anderson for the past 6 to bring new opportunities for the City development program.  That includes, training courses such as CIW certified partners in Website Business, Web Development, Networking and Cyber Security.  Well as in implementing Workforce Development such as shared work spaces. 

Stealth Studios a location will also work as a model for local businesses that would like to join the community.