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Tap into the fast growing international S2M network

Would you like to
  • generate more traffic to your location?
  • make it a hotspot for people to get dynamically matched to relevant others?
  • stay relevant in this rapidly changing world?
By making your location or event a ‘powered by S2M’ location, you and your stakeholders get introduced to relevant others, events and content, each time you check into the S2M network. Checking into the S2M network means having access to a worldwide networking platform, where you and your stakeholders can present yourselves and your businesses, share knowledge and educate yourself. Curious?

Hundreds of locations worldwide are already powered by S2M, like

What’s in it for you, your location and/or event?

  • You will generate more traffic to your location and/or event
  • You will be part of a growing international network where people share knowledge
  • Your location and/or event can become a hotspot for people to get connected

What will you have?

Yes, I want to join the growing international network of powered by S2M locations!

Increase the relevance of your location in 3 steps


Become part of the growing international S2M network where people share knowledge on their way to success. The S2M software will dynamically introduce you and your stakeholders to relevant others, events and content. People you do not know, but whom are relevant to you and your futures. Find tools to stay relevant and support from peers on the S2M networking platform.


Use the physical abundance of your location and create a place for people to meet and/or cowork, no matter how big or small. By doing this, you will enable all of your stakeholders not only to be connected to each other, but also to relevant people outside of your organization. Remember that innovation arises at the brink of old and new and usually comes from outside.


Facilitate relevant encounters with your location, using the S2M software and network. By doing this, you create an environment where new value networks, collaborations and growth can arise. Your location will become the place for individuals and professionals to grow, together. A hotspot. A place to be!

What others say about having a location powered by S2M

S2M for companies

Centraal Beheer Achmea Headquarters (insurance business) in Apeldoorn started an innovation lab powered by S2M. This way they offer their stakeholders to get connected to people that are relevant to them and to be successful for the company. Read more

S2M for schools and universities

A high school in Roermond, powered by S2M. By connecting external knowledge and innovation to students and staff, a new way of education is being formed at Niekée. Read more

S2M for shopping malls

Even in a shopping mall it is very well possible to implement the S2M software and transform vacant shops into meeting places where local entrepreneurs come together and create new value for themselves and the stakeholders of the shopping mall. Read more

S2M for…..?

Since the S2M software can be implemented in any location people gather, what other possibilities can you think of? We are curious to hear your answer! Would like to have a sneak peek at the S2M networking platform that you will be able to represent your location on? Click here

By challenging employees and coworkers on both their field of work as intrinsic motivation, we strengthen their true potential.

Silvia Onos, Programmamanager Klantbelang Centraal

We want to enable our staff and students to find knowledge within the walls of our schools and beyond.

Guido van Dijk, coach and developer agora

Meet Berlage is all about offering a stage for coworkers to grow on and celebrate succes.

Simina Jonker, Coworker and teammember Meet Berlage

Join us as an S2M Ambassador

With a small core team we develop the vision and tools for Seats2meet. We facilitate physical and virtual environments to connect and empower people to become the best version of themselves, for themselves. That is what we love doing. However, our team is always supported by many great and professional people from the S2M network to drive our mission forward. People who strongly believe, like us, that connecting and empowering people makes the world stronger and more beautiful. We call them S2M Ambassadors. They are located in many countries, worldwide and all gather on S2M networking platform. Want to join us?