Join the fastest growing global marketplace for Workspaces, Meetingspaces and Deskspaces. Share your abundance of space and stimulate serendipitous meeting of people

We challenge you to participate in the collaborative ecosystem!

We are looking for you!

We are looking for you!

As a physical space owner/operator it’s easy to join the S2M network. The first step is to commit to our core values. Do you share our mission to create a new ecosystem in which self-employed professionals together with corporate organizations can prosper?

Share your abundance

Share your abundance

Do you have abundant space and do you want to use it to connect with your local community? Whether you have four chairs and a table to share or a fully equipped conference location, school, library or traditional office: we are ready to welcome you into the S2M family!

Manage your location with ease

Manage your location with ease

Dozens of business owners and workspace operators have found that sharing unused space to connect with knowmads is good for their business. S2M provides you with a professional and extensive booking software platform and access to the global marketplace of S2M.

Welcome to our concept


Contact us directly! core values

We like to meet you!

The way we do business is extremely flexible. Prices of Meetingspaces are determined per seat and cancellation is possible until 24 hours in advance of a meeting.

We have abundance

Our seats are not always occupied. We love to share this abundance with you. We believe that sharing is caring and will lead meeting people to the right people in the end.

We believe in a value network

Facilitating and connecting the people who use our seats is what drives us. If you book a workspace we ask you to share your knowledge with the network in return.

We welcome social capital 

When you book a workspace we ask you to share your knowhow in return. Through sharing your knowledge you meet other people, we believe.

We believe in unexpected encounters

Everything is designed to encourage the development of serendipity, a fancy word for meeting people you were not looking for but that can be very useful.

Sharing is caring

Maybe not always immediately, but over time certainly. The form in which may vary thereby. This is called asynchronous reciprocity.

More about our vision

The vision we all share at is not just about operating a physical location. We share our vision with the world in the book Society 3.0. If you adopt and apply the vision of Society 3.0 in the playing field around your location, you will truly become ‘the place to be’.

Society 3.0, the book

Society 3.0: Mastering the global transition on our way to the next step in human evolution. The book investigates the myriad of the financial crises plaguing our society today, the trends and developments of technology, as well as their effects on the future of work and education.
Read Society 3.0
S2M, the magazine

S2M, the magazine

Every single day we meet people who have had serendipitous encounters leading to new ideas, generate new economic activities, change organizations or create other amazing experiences. We collect these stories in our magazine, to inspire and show you exactly how to get the most out of your #s2m experience.
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The Serendipity Machine, the book

This book presents our disruptive business model that allows you to actually build a machine that systematically facilitates serendipity. It is based on a study of A must read for everybody who wants to develop a deep insight of future economic organizational value creation.
Read the Serendipity Machine

I still want to know more about S2M!

Maybe you have still some questions. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Please take a look at the downloads below. Otherwise don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on the blue ‘feedback’ button, which is on the bottom of the page, right side.