helps you to provide a virtual and physical location where people can connect, collaborate and grow! Start today and use

You want to open up your space and create relevant encounters

Use S2M Connect program free for one month, it’s on us!

Seats2meet Connect is a complete new program for location owners, organizations and event organizers. Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms our new virtual dashboards and apps connect real-time and location based, people and their knowledge. Your connected physical (event) location becomes a more relevant spot for people to connect, network, collaborate and grow.

What’s in it for me?

  • More connected employees an stakeholders, thus more innovation power to a company
  • More members for a cowork location
  • More entrepreneurial students
  • A larger engaged audience during your events
  • Become part of the worldwide real time place based S2M knowledge network

… and other very helpful tools

To facilitate the people at your location we offer several tools. To start with:

tool icon Bookingsoftware
Online workspace bookings

tool icon Event Calendar
Publish events with ease

€99 per location per month (60 days free trial)

*50% discount for non-profit organisations

Do you want to:

Connect people

Everything at is designed to encourage the development of serendipity, a fancy word for meeting people you were not looking for but who could be very useful.

Stimulate value creation

You can facilitate a dynamic environment for your guests to work together, meet each other and to share knowledge. An environment where people can use their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm to add value to a greater good.

Boost innovation

Inspire and be inspired! By offering people an innovative workspace, facilitating the serendipitous encounter, and encouraging them to take a different approach to collaborate you can truly stimulate innovation.

Where and why others started with

S2M for companies

A within the Achmea Headquarters in Apeldoorn. By offering free coworking spaces and workshops, innovation from outside the company is brought indoors. Read more

S2M for schools

A within a school in Roermond. By connecting external knowledge and innovation to students and staff, a new way of education is being formed at Niekée. Read more

S2M for shopping malls

The platform provides the opportunity to reduce vacant shops by transforming them into meeting places where local entrepreneurs come together and create new value not only for themselves but for the shopping centre as well. Read more

S2M for…..

The platform can be incorporated in many different ways and, maybe your location can be the next success story! Think of hospitals, airports, train stations, office buildings, coffee shops, the sky’s the limit!

By challenging employees and coworkers on both their field of work as intrinsic motivation, we strengthen their true potential.

Silvia Onos, Programmamanager Klantbelang Centraal

We want to enable our staff and students to find knowledge within the walls of our schools and beyond.

Guido van Dijk, coach and developer agora

Meet Berlage is all about offering a stage for coworkers to grow on and celebrate succes.

Simina Jonker, Coworker and teammember Meet Berlage

About us

With a small core team we develop the tools and vision for We believe in value creation within a networked organization so all the location owners (hosts) and ambassadors are part of our team. Together we share knowledge and aim to create products you will love. At the moment we have location owners and ambassadors in The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, Brazil, United States, Egypt, United Kingdom, Japan and Equador.
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