MakeDoNia Makerspace Meeting and co-working in Jakarta Selatan

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Welcome at MakeDoNia Makerspace

De Laris Restaurant

Serving authentic Nasi Goreng Bistik and also pasta , noodles, and chicken katsu.

3D Printers

We have two 3D Printers : a Makerbot Replicator 2 and a 3D System Cube Pro are in the house for attendance to use.


Many solders are in house provided for makers to work on their projects within our space.

Arts and Craft Materials

Paper , glue, postIt , etc, available in our inventory room,

Open this week:

lu. 14:00  -  21:00
ma. 14:00  -  21:00
mi. 14:00  -  21:00
ju. 14:00  -  21:00
vi. 14:00  -  21:00
sá. 10:00  -  21:00
do. 10:00  -  21:00

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Jl. Antasari 44
Jakarta Selatan


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