UtrechtInc Garage - Startup incubator Meeting and co-working in Utrecht

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Welcome at UtrechtInc Garage - Startup incubator

Co-working space

Are you taking your very first steps towards entrepreneurship or reinventing your current business? A vibrant community of like-minded, complementary and influential people can give you the boost you need. Join us in our pre-incubator & co-working space the Garage!

A desk

including WiFi, coffee, tea, kitchen, access to meeting rooms and toilets. Cleaning of toilets is done by the cleaning team. You keep your desk tidy and help us keep the kitchen clean and presentable to your customers and partners (put your stuff in the dishwasher and occasionally take stuff out of the dishwasher;-)).

Open this week:

lu. 08:30  -  18:00
ma. 08:30  -  18:00
mi. 08:30  -  18:00
ju. 08:30  -  18:00
vi. 08:30  -  18:00
sá. Closed
do. Closed

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Padualaan 8
3584CH Utrecht

030 253 6169


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