Writers seat en overnachten in Keetje - S4SILENCE bij Assen

Brunsting 20, Beilen, The Netherlands 0648958275

Writers seat en overnachten in Keetje - S4SILENCE bij Assen
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Keetje, our little builders canteen converted into a (holiday) residence or retreat cottage, is located in the middle of our agri-forrestry-landscape. For meditation,  writing, thinking, preparing  your training, doing your reflection, consulting your project or research, or just another place to work from home? Keetje is to be used by trainers, project leaders, supervisors, coaches, teachers, and anyone else who likes to work outdoors. Keetje can be used for a day or a half day. It is simple, but fully equipped with coffee and tea, a one-burner stove and Keetjes Koodideetjes with suggestions for a simple meal. Of course you can also have us take care of your lunch or breakfast. Then you get a nicely filled basket with as many homemade and local products as possible.

Would you like to stay for overnight? How about waking up by the whistle of birds, our farmyard animals and the horses that scratch around your house? Possibly bring your own horse? You are very welcome for a (short) stay. Ons Keetje is suitable for cyclists or hikers. But Keetje is also suitable for a short retreat or a romantic weekend. Keetje is part of our other projects: a thatched farmhouse from 1880 that has been converted into a zero-on-the-meter house, an expertise center for sustainable living and energy & heat transition, agri-forestry and life-cycle proof living. We are happy to share our knowledge about those projects, the possibilities and impossibilities of earthheating, the technique of building with sustainable materials and stucco with clay. You can perfectly combine your stay in Keetje with you teammeeting or training at our corona-safe location. 

Beilen station, with good bus connections, is 4.5 km from Keetje. Beilen station has public transport bicycles available. Assen and Hoogeveen (16 km), Groningen and Zwolle (50 km) and Leeuwarden (70 km) are easily accessible without traffic jams

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Phone: 0648958275
E-mail: femmekehuigens@gmail.com

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