Deskspace As an entrepreneur you want to be well connected, spend less than you generate and work in an environment that adapts to your flexible circumstances.

Your workplace is the stage on which you perform, and should therefore facilitate you in these core requirements. 

  • You are connected to your strongest local value network,
  • At S2M we solve vacancy in office buildings together, and offer a place where you can grow as an entrepreneur.
  • We don’t believe in complex cancellation terms, and you pay a small and transparent fee per day or month.
We strongly believe this is the way you want to work, and invite you to try us out for a free month at any moment. Don't forget to check into your local serendipity machine, to become more connected. See you soon!

Fragen Sie gleich Ihren eigenen Deskspace an!

Warum sollte man Deskspace nutzen?

1. Kraftvolle Begegnungen

Werden Sie S2M Resident und profitieren Sie vom exklusiven und einflussreichen Netzwerk!

2. Maximale Flexibilität

Sie können pro Tag, pro Woche oder pro Monat bezahlen - Sie werden nie zu viel bezahlen!

3. Zahlreiche Extras

Machen Sie auf sich und Ihr Unternehmen aufmerksam und erhalten Sie Zugang zu der intelligenten S2M Software und den besten Events!

4. Komfort und Leichtigkeit

Durch den hohen Komfort werden Sie effizienter arbeiten als jemals zuvor!

5. Virtual concierge

The age of office managers has passed. Open your office using your smartphone, and feel free to reach out to our experts for any questions about your workplace. The connection to your local knowledge network is made with our Serendipity machines.

6. Transparant pricing

We don’t believe in complex pricing strategies, that's why we charge per person, not per room. We offer cleaning services, coffee/tea and lunch, but understand if you're on a tight budget and prefer to handle these services without our help.