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The Boarding process to become the ultimate seats2meet.com location

Premium S2M Location

Serendipity Machine


Augment the reality of your physical location with a branded, real-time virtual dashboard that shows everyone virtually "present" at any given time.
Premium S2M Location

S2M Location

€19 per month

After you reached an average of 50 handshakes in your Serendipity Machine you are ready for the next step. You can now choose to offer your workspace seats through the Seats2meet on-line booking platform.
Premium S2M Location

Premium S2M Location

€2 per seat booked (minimum of €49 per month)

The Ultimate Seats2meet.com starts here. Besides the label premium you can now offer meetingspaces and deskspaces as well.

Immerse yourself into seats2meet.com

Value network

We all want to collaborate. So we seek out places to make valuable connections: our offices, co-working places, cafes - even public buildings. But often, these are large, silent environments. Collaborating with Seats2meet.com means you will become part of an extensive global value network.

Social Capital

Social Capital can add value to your location at a variety of ways: not only does it provide an enormous amount of reliable Buzz, it also leads to tremendous cost reduction.

Asynchronous reciprocity

"When you give something you are obligating the receiver of the gift to re-pay his or her gift-debt. However, the reciprocity is asynchronous, meaning that when and how the repayment takes place is left to the will and capabilities of the receiver."

The Mesh as a community

The number of self employed professionals or Knowmads is increasing very rapidly.Organizations are connecting with Knowmads to create value in social networks and network value constellations. A cluster of these constellations we call 'the Mesh".

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One in eight agree with the statement that “They have found a new or temporary job/project through S2M”

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