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Meetings at Seats2meet.com

Seats2meet.com Meetingspace offers an innovative conference experience. We welcome you in a meetingspace which fits the purpose of your meeting. Different to other parties we offer you the possibilty to book 24/7 in one of our meeting and event locations.

A disruptive meeting concept where we, in collaboration with our partners, offer you a great lunch, coffee & tea corners, beamers, laptops and anything else necessary for a successful meeting. Seats2meet.com is an innovative business concept in the meetings and conference industry. It is designed in such a way that reserving a meeting space is quick and effortless. Guests book their seats for meetings (instead of entire meetingspaces) via our booking software at www.seats2meet.com. The software offers the booker the best meetingspace option, dependent on the type of meeting. We respect the dynamics of our time (As we like to call it Society 3.0), this is one reason why guests may edit or cancel their booking, free of charge, up to 24 hours before the meeting time.

In the early days, when meetings were just meetings a location had just one purpose: facilitating a meeting environment. Nowadays times have changed. At Seats2meet.com we do not want to limit ourselves to just facilitating a great conference experience. We aim to connect those organisations that organise meetings at our locations to the independent professionals in our value network. Together they can create (new) value and thereby re-shape our society. By providing insight into the knowledge that people have, we can aid in steering towards the relevance of the unexpected encounter (serendipity). Thereby we aim to surprise and strengthen people and organisations. This is why meeting at Seats2meet.com is more that an experience, it becomes a transformation towards a new way of working, a new way of collaboration.

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