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What is a workspace?

Our experience showed that the need for flexible workspaces is increasing significantly. Workspaces not only to work at but also to meet like-minded and to share knowledge and experiences. S2M Workspace is an open portal available for everyone to offer their workspaces to professionals from within or outside their organisation. You can choose whether you prefer to offer them free of charge or against a fee.

The most important aspect regarding S2M Workspace is providing an insight into the knowledge present at a S2M Workspace location. We ask our guests to identify their expertise when reserving a workspace. This allows us to match the total knowledge available in the network to those who are in need of this knowledge. This is how we bring the supply and demand of knowledge together. Therefore, the choice regarding the location to work at will no longer (only) be dependent on geographical preferences, but on the knowledge and skills available at the location.

Seats2meet.com provides a workspace with Wi-Fi, lunch, coffee and tea in exchange for knowledge and adding value to the value network. However, “there ain’t no such things as a free lunch”. Therefore, when you are unable to pay with your social capital, we expect you to do so with financial capital. We strongly believe in the power of social capital because this stimulates and strengthens the aforementioned value networks.

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What is a meetingspace?