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Curious about the vision behind Seats2meet.com?

Our vision has been documented in the book Society 3.0. In this book, Ronald van den Hoff (co-founder Seats2meet.com), describes why we do what we do! The book is currently only available in Dutch but we are working on a translation into English. Read more

Society 3.0

Seats2meet.com Team:

Ronald van den Hoff

Co-founder and Trend Strategist

Marielle Sijgers

Co-founder and Professional Connector

Vincent Ariëns

Community & Social Media expert

Guido Benard

Project Manager & Design

Wouter van Nigtevegt

Lead Developer

Dennis Vergeer

Frontend Developer

Nancy Meijer

Visual Designer

Raoul Wijnberg

Project manager & Communication

Peter Vermeulen

Mobile & SEO

About Seats2meet.com

We facilitate a dynamic environment for our guests to work together, meet each other and to share knowledge. We are trying to connect the virtual and the real and create, in that way, a so called Third Space. It is an environment where people can use their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to add value to a greater good. Inspire and be inspired!

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Seats2meet.com facilitates a dynamic environment for all your meetings.

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Seats2meet.com facilitates a dynamic workspace where our guests can share knowledge and inspire eachother.

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The meeting of people is central to Seats2meet.com, we are trying to connect the virtual and the real and create, in that way, a so called Third Space.

Seats2meet.com Philosophy

Our society is changing. The individual has gained a more central position in both society and as an influencer within organisations. It is no longer all about the organisation itself but about the people around which an organisation is built. Traditional organisations have become increasingly reliant on independent professionals for value creation. This occurs within the Society 3.0 playing field for value creation. Society 3.0 is where the traditional value chain is replaced by the value network . The share of independent professionals is becoming increasingly large and important. In the next 5 years their number will probably rise up to 40 -50% of the total working population. They are happy to work with you but no longer for you. Moreover, they progressively work in different compositions (clusters of value networks) with different clients. We call the collection of these clusters The Mesh. It is for this Mesh that we aim to facilitate on and offline meetings!

The transformation from value chain to value network requires an increase in mobility, technological as well as physical and social. Seats2meet.com (S2M) aims to meet and serve exactly this need. Seats2meet.com facilitates a dynamic environment where our guests meet for collaboration, as well as to share their information and knowledge with others. This is where the boundaries between the physical and virtual have faded. This so called Third Space does not only offer a unique experience, it goes one step further. We aim to add value to our value network, and to enable the transformation of everyone who comes in contact with this value network. A community where people can add value through sharing their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. Inspire and be inspired!

All of this is reflected in the three Seats2meet.com concepts. S2M Meeting Space for all your events, meetings and conferences. S2M Workspace to facilitate workspaces for the independent professional and ‘new leaders’ within organisations. Lastly, the S2M App Space where the online applications, fundamental to high quality and efficient collaboration, can be found.

S2M Meetingspace

Seats2meet.com Meetingspace offers an innovative conference experience. We welcome you in a meetingspace which fits the purpose of your meeting. In collaboration with our partners we offer a great lunch, coffee & tea corners, beamers, laptops and anything else necessary for a successful meeting. Seats2meet.com is an innovative business concept in the meetings and conference industry. It is designed in such a way that reserving a meeting space is quick and effortless.

However, we do not want to limit ourselves to just facilitating a great conference experience. We aim to connect those organisations that organise meetings at our locations to the independent professionals in our value network. Together they can create (new) value and thereby re-shape our society. By providing insight into the knowledge that people have, we can aid in steering towards the relevance of the unexpected encounter (serendipity). Thereby we aim to surprise and strengthen people and organisations. This is why meeting at Seats2meet.com is more that an experience, it becomes a transformation towards a new way of working, a new way of collaboration.

Guests book their seats for meetings (instead of entire meetingspaces) via our booking software at www.seats2meet.com. The software offers the booker the best meetingspace option, dependent on the type of meeting. We respect the dynamics of our time, this is one reason why guests may edit or cancel their booking, free of charge, up to 24 hours before the meeting time.

S2M Workspace

Our experience showed that the need for flexible workspaces is increasing significantly. Workspaces not only to work at but also to meet like-minded and to share knowledge and experiences. S2M Workspace is an open portal available for everyone to offer their workspaces to professionals from within or outside their organisation. You can choose whether you prefer to offer them free of charge or against a fee.

The most important aspect regarding S2M Workspace is providing an insight into the knowledge present at a S2M Workspace location. We ask our guests to identify their expertise when reserving a workspace. This allows us to match the total knowledge available in the network to those who are in need of this knowledge. This is how we bring the supply and demand of knowledge together. Therefore, the choice regarding the location to work at will no longer (only) be dependent on geographical preferences, but on the knowledge and skills available at the location.

Seats2meet.com provides a workspace with Wi-Fi, lunch, coffee and tea in exchange for knowledge and adding value to the value network. However, there “ain’t no such things as a free lunch” . Therefore, when you are unable to pay with your social capital, we expect you to do so with financial capital. We strongly believe in the power of social capital because this stimulates and strengthens the aforementioned value networks.

s2m vergaderen

S2M App Space

We aim to facilitate the independent professional, who is active in multiple value networks, all possible forms of collaboration. Of course, anyone who would like to use our software applications, is free to do so. Various applications are available in the S2M App Space. For example, software for organizing an event or one that simplifies collaboration in a Wiki. All of these applications are focused on social networks, which means that the connection with for example Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is present. Additionally, all these applications can be used by multiple people, with interaction being the central concept.

We call the combination of multiple applications (which can be found in the App Space) a Collaboration Suite. Within this suite you can efficiently collaborate with a group of people (a value network). The freedom to make your own choices regarding which apps to use is central to the concept of assembling a Collaboration Suite. Naturally, we facilitate a connection with the physical world from all these applications from wherever possible. Facilitating the Third Space is our focus point!